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    Can someone define the term Flanks?
  2. thatjeffguy

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    In what context?

  3. audiokid

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    Hi Jeff,

    This would be for our wiki in respect to using Flanks in acoustic music, recording orchestras etc, the principles for using "flanks" in as much detail as we can get.
  4. audiokid

    audiokid Staff

    To elaborate further. I'm a musician coming at pro audio from a long performing career. Recording choirs and chamber music in a church as an example, was the last thing I thought I would do, 20 years ago.
    Now I'm loving this all and broadening my career. Remote recording of acoustic music is a whole new world. When I read words like Flanks I think beef and/or sides. That doesn't tell us anything more than that doing searches here. You really have to read between the lines when its used with a verb as a newbie.

    Are there rules and standards we apply for the mics used at the Flanks for various applications and settings?

    Do we use certain Cardioid "Flanks" or only Omni "Flanks"? How high do we put "flanks" ?
    Why do we use flanks?
    I don't know if these questions and answers are realistic to give blanket examples for the term Flanks but reading though many posts in my quest for more knowledge I found flanks mentioned a lot but with no explanation. It took me awhile to start learning their more detailed use. I would like to link something well defined to the word if possible.

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