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Focusrite trackmaster pro owners

Discussion in 'Recording' started by SeniorFedup, Nov 16, 2006.

  1. SeniorFedup

    SeniorFedup Guest

    Add one more to the list. I got one off of ebay and i bid even though i didnt really think iwas going to win.
    Does any one of you fine gentlemen or refined ladies own one of these pups?

  2. moonbaby

    moonbaby Mmmmmm Well-Known Member

    Not anymore. Mine got hotter than a ho on dollar day and would shut down. Same deal with the Voicemaster. No mo ho fo me.
  3. SeniorFedup

    SeniorFedup Guest

    Um did it sound bad?
  4. moonbaby

    moonbaby Mmmmmm Well-Known Member

    Well, "bad"? No, but the pre was no better than a VLZ's, and the dynamics were easily overdone and "twitchy". Both units were built for looks and hype, that's all. What fried my butt was their reliability, and I've had the same issues with TLA gear, too. I read in an interview with some bigwig at B&K microphones (in MIX a couple of years ago) that he loved British engineers in audio design, provided that they were building top-dollar gear. He went on to say that they (the Brit engineers) were equally as bad at making cheap gear, and that it was to do with power supply designs, etc. That has been my personal experience, that's all. The Focusrite Red 7 I use for VOs (and want to buy myself) is a wonderful unit, no complaints here. But their expertise didn't really trickle down to the cheaper gear with their name on it. Very disappointing. BTW, I replaced the Voicemaster (which was a REAL fiasco) with a Drawmer Front End One, which keeps escalating in price. And I replaced the Trackmaster with a Grace 101 and an FMR RNC. Very happy with all of those. Live and learn. And, as always YMMV...good luck.
  5. SeniorFedup

    SeniorFedup Guest

    thanks for the great post, got alot out of it.

    i will use it to the best i can.

    i also noticed this has been moved from the Pro Audio Gear forum to the budget gear forum, that in its self says a whole lot.

    also the guy that owns this is in the U.K. funny enough .

    My land rover also has electrical problems. coincidence?

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