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    • If I was on a budget and didn't want to waste any money on mid level gear,
    • Focused on sounding better than the infamous ITB sound of the last decade...
    • Striving for a more spacious organic analog sound without buying into an analog console for less than say... $20,000... (16 channels x $1500 per channel).

    This setup is pretty spot on for a new ProTools 9 hybrid rig and for that matter, most DAW systems including the killer Reaper that is the dark horse of DAW's.

    The RMS216 FOLCROM Passive Summing Device is definitely one way to go. I have been trying to get this company to send me one of these for over a year but they are shy to take up on the offer. I'd love to test this thing out and pass on some good info but they seem to be missing my bus on this one. I'm not too interested in many products after running this place for 12 years (I don't have bad G.A.S.) but this is one that I think a lot of us could benefit from who think out-side-the-box.
    All the G.A.S. we're getting, this system really slims it down big time and gets you on the right track to hybrid sound without big money.

    Common sense tells me this summing system is definitely worth studying more on because it uses the quality preamp to colour, fatten by doing the analog to your mix (Audio SPACE).
    My way of thinking... Everyone needs at least one very high end stereo tube pre and one very high end stereo FET pre-amp in your chain. And that is enough for most project studios these days.
    Choosing warm or fat vs clean or transparent does get into more detail but the basic starting point is:

    Less track count, you can afford to add more Fat. You have more space to fill in the fat where needed and less chance of turning your final mix into mud. examples: (high end project studios tracking vox and guitar all the rest is ITB using vsti) perfect solution!
    So... invest in a really nice tube pre like the PreSonus ADL 600, Millennia M-2b (the silky HD and more) to name a few fav or whatever you have for that matter that is above the crowd quality.


    Producing larger track count you can' afford fat overload : examples ( lots of organic tracks) too much fat may mud up the final mix so you may need to keep the majority of tracks cleaner, less coloured so you choose the FET Like a Great River MP-2NV, Millennia HV3, Gordon, API ...

    Two high end preamps and this very inexpensive summing system gets you heading in the right direction for way less money than the guys spending ridiculous amounts of money and energy on pre after pre, question after question in search of that perfect sound. It could be that your just not aware of how easy it could be by going OTB to improve your music.

    Something more to think about with preamp use.

    Here is an excerpt from here:

    Looking forward to others chiming in here.

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