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For 13,000 thousand....this is what I did....

Discussion in 'Recording' started by CaptainAudio, Jan 19, 2005.


Should I get fired?

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  1. CaptainAudio

    CaptainAudio Guest

    This is my first post... so be gentle

    I work at a music store in pro audio and I had a custy come in today and put 13,000.00 on the table and said I need a studio....

    so what I did was.... (these are ruff estimates before $$tax$$)

    Workstaion Desk.. 500
    Dual 2.0gh G5 2500
    Logic Pro 7 1000
    (2) MOTU 828MKII 750 ea
    (2)JBL LSR632P 1000 ea
    Speaker Stands 130
    UAD-1 Studio Pak 900 (he got a good deal on this at the end)200
    A&H GL2200-24 24-Channel Mixer 1600!
    Bluebird mic by B.L.U.E 500
    Robbie Pre By B.L.U.E 1000
    PGDMK4 Drum Mic Kit Shure 450
    (2)E609 120 ea

    3 mic stands (drum kit comes with clipon's)
    3 mic cables 50'
    2 12 channel snakes
    2 xlr to trs for the monitors....

    what do you think you would of done differently.....
    ps this did happen today....
  2. Reggie

    Reggie Well-Known Member

    What kinda crazy does this! Did you hire him an engineer, too? Cause I bet he's gonna need it.
    But seriously I don't think you should be fired at all. Buying a studio setup all in one trip to the store can't be a normal occurance. The only issue might be the drum mics. Why not splurge for some REAL mics instead of the PG's. Oh, and maybe headphones?
  3. maintiger

    maintiger Well-Known Member

    sounds good but why 2 828mkii's? this is like 40 inputs for 5 mics...
  4. maintiger

    maintiger Well-Known Member

    by the way, what would be your comission on a sale like that, if you don't mind us asking...
  5. CaptainAudio

    CaptainAudio Guest

    we really should of had like 20k-25k to work with....but this way it will more or less be a mic issue as he bulids his studio (he's 16)
  6. CaptainAudio

    CaptainAudio Guest

    I will let you know when I get my check....honestly not a whole lot....A music store job is not going to pay that great....untill you get in to stricly high end gear
  7. CaptainAudio

    CaptainAudio Guest

    yea mics were the issue...

    but i mean by "fired"do you hate or like the setup
  8. CaptainAudio

    CaptainAudio Guest

    wheres the audiogaff when you need him?
  9. David French

    David French Well-Known Member


    Where the hell did he get $13,000?!? When I was 16, all I had was a cheap portable mono casette recorder!
  10. inLoco

    inLoco Active Member

    lot's of cash but i think the pg drum thing was a bad move!
    for that money i'd buy the missing links... sm-57 and an akg d112 and should have invested on a few acoustic treatment...
  11. Reggie

    Reggie Well-Known Member

    :cool: Rich parents must rule. Or maybe he sells drugs; that would make me less angry somehow.

    I knew what ya meant; I was just making joke that the kid will probably need to buy an engineer to make it all work for him.

    If I was 16 (or years older for that matter), I wouldn't turn my nose up at that setup.
  12. maintiger

    maintiger Well-Known Member

    I had a recording studio in a commercial space that I sold at the end of 2003. I wanted 20K but when I was offerd 15K I considered myself lucky and took it. A mom bought it for a 17 year old kid, a senior in HS. She took a second mortgage on her house to do it. The thing was in escrow for three months during which I offered the kid to come over and learn as I was in the middle of a band project. He came once- what can you do- I offered to be available for help after they took over and he called just once- some program question or other. I am sorry to say that they lasted a year and they were gone. i guess when you are 17 you know everything that there is to know. When you get older that's when you know you don't know sh** 8)
  13. maintiger

    maintiger Well-Known Member

    And by the way, CaptainAudio, welcome to RO!
  14. inLoco

    inLoco Active Member

    xavier has a point here...
    i really think that all these new technology and tools is killing music! people tend to work a mix instead of a song!
    when all we had was a guitar and maybe a tape recorder with a mic we'd bust ourselves trying on different things, new melodies, new guitar riffs and so on... this days everybody's more worried with how the recording sounds!
    i've just managed to get a few new things on my home studio and so on! and i feel i am in this category! instead of making music i find myself looping a simple bass line and then adding stuff and so on...
    this leads me to the poor recordings we have these days! everyone now thinks they can do it so what we hear is sometimes great music so wrongly recorded that kills it...
  15. THeBLueROom

    THeBLueROom Guest

    why not a 896hd rather than 2 828s? he could have spent the extra money on some better mics and had more mic pres. Should have went with the good audix drum pack(D series mics) if anything.
  16. Snatchman

    Snatchman Guest

    Yeah , I had two cheap portable mono cassete recorders, that I used to"ping-pong" back and forth between each other (played out loud into each other)...generation loss , background noise, whatever! :evil: ...... 8)
  17. David French

    David French Well-Known Member

    Yup, that was me! Fun, wasn't it? The sad thing is, I was 16 in 1996. :shock:
  18. jdsdj98

    jdsdj98 Active Member

    For a 16 year old with cold hard cash, you should have sent him out your front door and pointed him to the front door of the nearest 4 year university. That, IMVHO, would have been a far, FAR wiser investment of this money than any studio setup for a 16 year old kid that doesn't know squat. Face it, if he had to have you put this entire package together for him, this was a complete waste of money considering his obvious lack of knowledge, experience, and expertise. $13k is a heck of a down payment on a good college education. (I hate my student loans, and in some way, I envy this poor idiot who's being coddled by his overly supportive, completely unrealistic parents!)

    What was the time frame of this transaction, between this kid putting $13k on your counter and him walking out the door with the gear? 16 years old, with $13k outlay at his own discretion, is not something I can even comprehend. Were mom and dad involved in this at all???!!! They should have been slapped all the way up and down the street for letting such a stupid purchase take place. I'd say you ripped this kid out of about $13k. You should have told him what today's recording environment is REALLY like. There's simply no room in today's world for a completely inexperienced 16 year old kid to compete with experienced professionals for business. And if he bought this only for himself, he'd better be the next Jimmy Page, RUN DMC, or N'Sync, and somehow I highly doubt that's the case if he walked out the door thinking he got a great deal by buying some Shure PG mic's after dropping $13k. Otherwise, you should have sold him a mic and a stand alone recorder/mixer and told him to come back in a year after he had mastered multi-tracking. Did you even bother to ask him if he had a decent space/room to put all this in? One that was already acoustically sound (no pun intended at all) and able to accomodate a studio setup? Was there any counseling at all as to whether he really knew what he was spending this money on and keeping the expectations of its performance and ROI in check? I'm actually kind of disturbed that this kind of thing could take place.

    Before I learned how to play guitar, I would certainly hope that as a musician, in my early days, before I knew what the difference between a fret and the bridge was, a guitar salesman wouldn't have pulled a top of the line Gibson Les Paul off the shelf and told me, "THIS is what you REALLY need to be a great guitarist." That's why he is (or SHOULD be) a salesman. Regardless of what my initial spending cap was, I'd hope he'd keep me in check and tell me I should start out with a bottom of the line nonamebrand acoustic to learn a few things on, and then work my way up from there.

    You have just lived up to the stereotype of a salesman. This was, again, IMVHO, an irresponsible and ill advised sale to an unsuspecting customer, regardless of how legitimate the source of the $13k was. Just because he had a very high ceiling on how much he could spend does NOT, by ANY means, justify this transaction.

    But don't ask me how I REALLY feel.............

    And welcome, Captain Audio, to RO. No hostility meant at all, but you did ask for our opinion, and that's my take.
  19. CaptainAudio

    CaptainAudio Guest

    ha ha... :p I did not see this coming :eek:

    :roll: based on how you ASSUMED the transaction took place... yea I would consider my self a (can you cuss here?) a Di#kwad salesman also. let me be the first to tell you it did'nt happen that way AT ALL! :twisted:

    Im not going to get in to this with you... Nor am I going to justify my job description.... Im guessing you hold a little resentment twards sales people... beleve me I UNDERSTAND...I didn't pop out of my mom in a suit and tie with my bottom line in mind...I have had my fair share of experince with sales people selling me stuff I did'nt want or have....

    :D no harsh feelings tho.... ok and thanks for the welcome...
  20. CaptainAudio

    CaptainAudio Guest

    ps the mics were not shure pg....pak it was a good pack I forgot the name tho... :oops:

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