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Formatting HD's

Discussion in 'Recording' started by GetTarEast, Nov 18, 2004.

  1. GetTarEast

    GetTarEast Guest

    I'm looking at picking up a couple of SATA drives, setting them up in RAID 0, and using them as my audio drive. I heared or read somewhere a while ago that there was a specific cluster size (?) or other format option that is optimal for reading large files. Is this the case? Anyone know what this is?

  2. michaeltk

    michaeltk Guest

    You're right. Recording is more efficient using large cluster sizes, not the default 4K clusters generated by the Windows FAT 32 partitioning system. You can force the issue by applying the /Z:64 switch to the FORMAT command. This switch will tell FORMAT to build each cluster out of 64 sectors thus generating 32K clusters (each sector is 512 bytes).
  3. GetTarEast

    GetTarEast Guest

    Thanks! I was actually thinking of formatting the drive as NTFS (I'm running WinXP). Can I do the same in NTFS? Any reason I should stick to FAT32?
  4. michaeltk

    michaeltk Guest

    You should have at least two hard drives. One drive should be formatted NTFS, and will hold the operating system (WinXP). The other drive will hold your recordings, and should NOT be formatted NTFS. Format that one FAT32 like I described above.

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