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    I recently noticed that there's a shortage of freely downloadable multitrack projects on the net for people to use for mixing practice. Yes, I’ve seen the Nine Inch Nails multitracks, the Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix files, the Real World downloads, and various other well-publicised sources of multitrack projects, but I’ve noticed that the files usually suffer from one of three problems:
    - they’re actually processed/effected stems, which means you can't properly work from scratch.
    - they’re low-quality or data-compressed audio, which doesn’t respond well to further processing.
    - they’re actually ‘remix packs’, in other words chunks of the multitrack which can’t properly be reassembled into a time-line.

    So I decided to do something about it, and have now finished putting together a library of 30 downloadable multitrack ZIP archives, each containing unprocessed WAV files at 24-bit/44.1kHz resolution. The only limitation is that I’ve restricted each session to a duration of around 20-30 seconds (typically the song’s final chorus) -- while this doesn’t dramatically reduce the usability of the projects for practice purposes, it does allow me to cover a wider range of musical genres within my available hosting space. (It also makes it a little easier to clear the usage of the tracks with the artists/producers concerned.)

    Here's the link: Library of Multitrack Mix Projects

    I'll continue to add further projects on a rolling basis, so further contributions are always welcome -- if you're interested in donating something to the library, then just contact me via Cambridge Music Technology .
  2. triviul

    triviul Active Member

    Update: 50 full-length multitracks now available!

    I posted about this library about six months ago, but since then there've been quite a lot of new developments, so I figured it might be time to post an update. Here's a quick summary of where things are now:
    • There are now more 50 projects listed, covering a wide range of musical styles -- including more than 20 of the songs I've remixed for the 'Mix Rescue' column.
    • Almost all the projects are now provided in full-length versions -- previously most of the projects were only 30-second excerpts on account of web-space restrictions.
    • All of the files are in uncompressed WAV format at 44.1kHz, without any mix processing or effects -- just the raw multitracks, in other words.
    • There are MP3 previews provided alongside each listing so that you can get an idea of what to expect before downloading.
    The link's the same as before: Library Of Free Multitrack Downloads

    Many thanks again to everyone who's contributed to this resource. I'm continuing to add further projects on a rolling basis (so far about five a month), and further contributions/links are always welcome. Have fun with them!
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  3. philter1

    philter1 Active Member

    Really good idea, thank you :cool:
  4. audiokid

    audiokid Staff

    Excellent idea, I hope it grows. Could be a great way for us to hold a contest. I plan to download tracks for sure, thank you.
  5. mista majestic

    mista majestic Active Member

    yeah a mix contest would be a right laugh - and a great way for everyone to get some good ideas and tips - just by listening back to everyone elses take on the same song. these multi tracks are the best thing an up and coming sound engineer could ask for. great work.
  6. triviul

    triviul Active Member

    35 new multitrack downloads added to the Library!

    Thought it was worth posting another update here, because there's been another big increase in the number of multitracks listed -- we're up to about 85 full-length multitrack projects now! The new multitrack projects added include:

    • The multitrack for this month's SOS Mix Rescue remix, a song called 'Run Run Run' by the roots reggae band Arise.
    • Another superheavy death-metal offering, this time from the band Cnoc An Tursa.
    • An entire 15-song punk album from the band Out Of Tune.
    • A selection of eight pop/rock songs from singer-songwriter Kevin Reeves' slickly-produced debut album.
    • A selection of multitracks I discovered from the mic manufacturer Telefunken, including three acoustic country songs from Francis Dunnery, three full-band country/jazz instrumentals, a medley of three barbershop numbers from the all-male quartet Rounders, and a slice of Americana from Jackie Greene.
    • A couple more alt/indie-rock multitracks from the Shaking Through project: Family Band's 'Again' and Creepoid's 'Old Tree'.

    Also, if you want to stay up to date with continuing additions to the library, I've also set up a dedicated mailing list for this purpose. There are already some more multitracks I've got in the pipeline...
  7. triviul

    triviul Active Member

    Up to 100 free sessions!

    Another quick update to mention that there have been lots of new multitracks added to the library since last I posted -- there are now 100 different projects, with new additions including:
    • A Bollywood-style ballad called 'Kaathaadi' by Sambasevam Shanmugam.
    • Some slick vocal-led electronic dance-pop, in the form of AM Contra's 'Heart Peripheral'.
    • Two tracks from Brian Eno & David Byrne's early-80s milestone album My Life In The Bush Of Ghosts. (Although most legitimate 'free multitracks' I've encountered from well-known artists are actually submixed stems, incomplete 'remix packs', or data-compressed audio files, these two actually seem to be the real deal -- 24-bit WAVs taken direct from the original multitrack tapes.)
    • A powerful Muse-flavoured indie rock production from The Doppler Shift.
    • Another sample-based film cue, this time desert-themed suspense from New York-based media composer Mike Skalandunas.
    • A great acoustic song by Will Knox, multitracked live in front of an audience at Sweetwater's GearFest 2011 expo.
    • An acoustic number with a French cafe vibe: 'If You Say' by James May.
    • Two multitrack sessions in support of instructional videos from Methods & Applications Laboratory: Swinging Steaks country-rock 'Lost My Way' and Jamie Walker's acoustic country 'Love Can Be'.
    The main link to the library has also changed slightly, if anyone wants to update their bookmarks: Library Of Free Multitrack Downloads

    The mailing list address is still the same, though: Mixing Secrets News.
  8. Thanks for this. I'm trying to teach myself multi-tracking using audio produced by myself and my friends and this resource will speed that up a lot. Thank you.
  9. LEROY077

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    love this thread bro. When I get some money I would love to donate, where would I go to donate. I know I can get this stuff off the web but you make it alot easer to find on your webpage, plus you keep updating it, I love it!!! please keep doing this.
  10. BSCDave

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    What a great idea there. Sounds that good it can't be totally true, please don't take that comment as being offensive, or some type of accusation. I'm still in my first 3 month of owning my first mac system, so I'm still tip toeing everywhere I go with it. So back to your great idea now, if I visit the 'library of multi track mix projects' I'll be able to download file's for PT10 which will be ready for... basically playing with and learning from? No initial cost or anything?
    If this is true then I'll catch you later on this week. Mr.BSC
  11. Keary

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    This is GREAT!!

    A fantastic idea Triviul and much appreciated by everyone currently studying sound production at my local college!
  12. triviul

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    That's right. The audio isn't in any Pro Tools-specific file format -- it's just 24-bit/44.1kHz WAV files which can be imported into Pro Tools or indeed any other software/hardware DAW platform you choose.
  13. Davedog

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    I study Scotch from your neck of the woods.
  14. kmetal

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    Does anyone else think that 'run run run' is a meandering vamp of a tune? yeah its cool, and sounds nice. but common' we all know the influences had much more of a message, than this piece.
    I claim no superiority, and think its a well done tune, but it's lyrical content is like 'what'? i mean the song tells a vague story, explanation of who i'm running from, what's good w/ babylon? i dunno.
    It sounds really nice, but speaks nonsense if you ask me. hmm hhmmm hmmm? i mean there is un-inspring lyrical content. too typical and vague, it's like one long chorus w/ a bridge, i'd work on arrangement/lyrical content far before the mix, which sounds nice.

    yes i understand vamps and am fine buggin out on them, but really, the lack of any substance lyrically makes me wonder. i'd put this as a 5th song on a cd, when it's time to just groove out.

    It's generic, 'run from the man, he is taking what i have'. lacks detail in the vocal content, and more importantly, inspirational words. Otherwise it's really cool IMHO.
  15. Just wondering, but do you take submissions for your library? I'd love to hear someone else's take on a few songs I've got laying around...
  16. pcrecord

    pcrecord Don't you want the best recording like I do ? Well-Known Member

    You can start a new thread in fix this mix, give a link to download your stems and see what people may come up with ;)
  17. pcrecord

    pcrecord Don't you want the best recording like I do ? Well-Known Member

    I just want to point out that we have a little project going on here on RO, we recorded a song and we are at the mixing phase.
    Anyone can participate by asking for the stems link in private to me (start a discussion)
    And post mixes here :

    In a few weeks we will chose a mix and start mastering ! ;)
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