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  1. automatic8

    automatic8 Guest

    anyone know of any out there that are worth a shot? just dont really have the money for the antares package right now and wanted to experiment with something similar first. let me know!! thanks
  2. REAtune, included in Reaper's download packet, is decent. I've used it once before and I, almost categorically, don't use tuning products.

    I've never found Antares Auto-Tune to be useful. Many folks on this 'board would say it's been outmoded by Waves' or Melodyne's plug-ins.
  3. BrianaW

    BrianaW Active Member

    I don't care much for Auto-Tune either. It sounds very colored to me. I like using GSnap when I have to.

    It's free, light on resources, and very transparent. A lot of people think it's better than Auto-tune. Even when I do use these types of things, I usually only draw them in during the really off parts and drop them out immediately after. Keeps things sounding more natural.

    This post has been corrected... see below. :)
  4. IIRs

    IIRs Well-Known Member

    I think you mean GSnap:
  5. automatic8

    automatic8 Guest

    thanks guys, i dl gsnap onto my computer and copied this into my proper vst folder. For some reason, i cant get this thing to show up in pro tools. im running le 7.3....any suggestions?
  6. IIRs

    IIRs Well-Known Member

    Thats not going to work: pro-tools doesn't support VST plug-ins.

    You either need to find a suitable RTAS plug, or look for a wrapper that will allow you to use VSTs.
  7. Weasel9992

    Weasel9992 Guest

    It's hard enough to edit a vocal cleanly with AT or Melodyne, even after you know what you're doing. I tried G-Snap and couldn't really make it work well. Maybe I'm just used to the other two.

  8. MarkG

    MarkG Guest

    I must be out of touch, I thought Autotune was pretty good. I've been using version 3 for the last 6 years. In just a few seconds I can open it up, set the key, and choose a very slow attack so it only fixes the long notes that tend to drift. The only downside I thought was that it is very resource heavy.

    Can anyone explain why it sounds colored, I don't remember hearing it change the tone at all.
  9. Weasel9992

    Weasel9992 Guest

    I don't know about it coloring the audio so much as introducing artifacts, even on the simplest vocals. It's always been a pain to have to go through and painstakingly comb through the file to make sure it's clean. Ugh. I avoid it like the plague. I'll take a cleanly sung, slightly pitchy vocal any day.

  10. automatic8

    automatic8 Guest

    well put man........i was just trying to mess around with some new tools.
  11. Codemonkey

    Codemonkey Well-Known Member

    Get a hammer and 3 planks of wood. Maybe a few nails...

    New tool syndrome claims too much money and time :(
  12. BrianaW

    BrianaW Active Member

    It's just my opinion that it sounds a bit colored... or has artifacts. The coloration is like a barely audible digital breakup, almost like a tremolo effect set to square wave with the speed cranked. Obviously it's much more subtle than that, but that's what I hear when it's processing. Who knows, I could be totally insane and making this up but I really think I hear a difference in GSnap, I want to say it sounds "smoother" to me maybe? But I'm not a hater by any stretch. :)
  13. GeckoMusic

    GeckoMusic Guest

    Has anyone used FxExpansion RTAS wrapper with Gsnap? I was thinking about getting the wrapper, but wasn't sure if I would be able to route a MIDI steam and and audio stream to it in Pro Tools.

  14. MarkG

    MarkG Guest

    I would definitaly agree that the default setting on autotune is not good. Maybe I don't hear the problems because I use a very "soft" setting, only correcting notes that are held out and drifting.

    I also work with local acts here, so the chances of getting a good vocal are slim.

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