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getting a trumpet gig at XMas

Discussion in 'Brass' started by TheJackAttack, Dec 11, 2010.

  1. TheJackAttack

    TheJackAttack Distinguished Member

  2. BobRogers

    BobRogers Well-Known Member

    Priceless. I liked the part about the blue sparkle trumpet. But I almost couldn't make it past the part about the parking garage.
  3. audiokid

    audiokid Staff

    Hard to know whether to laugh or cry. I played this for my whole family including my daughter who is studying to be a concert pianist, jazz, pop and a sound engineer including a school teacher lol... just in case :tongue:.

    Great message here, thanks!
  4. dvdhawk

    dvdhawk Well-Known Member

    The wedding band video is just as funny (in other words, true)


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