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getting my music on the mp3.com

Discussion in 'Studio Lounge' started by zod, Dec 3, 2000.

  1. zod

    zod Guest

    sweet site here!

    how does one get their music on the mp3 site? I looked for a place on the site but couldn't find it.

    Does it cost money?

  2. zod

    zod Guest

    I see all these mp3.com sites with music linked to them. How do you set this up on mp3.com?

    Does it cost money and how do I set it up so I can have my songs on there?

  3. Zod - if you already have some mp3s made of your music, goto http://www.mp3.com/newartist/checklist.html
    and it'll walk you through putting your songs up...If not, check out http://software.mp3.com/software/ and you should be able to find a mp3 encoder to get your music converted to mp3...Hope this helps.

  4. audiokid

    audiokid Staff

    Thanks for someone finally answering zod!

    travis, does it cost anything to set your music up there?

    Im becoming more impressed on Liquid Audio as a new option for all of us.
    What would make you or any of our members reading this to start thinking about using Liquid to promote your music/bands we record over MP3?

    I have gone to a few mp3 downloads by our members but the bloody download time just took to long for me to wait! :cool:
  5. Dedric

    Dedric Guest

    Originally posted by audiokid:

    LQA needs to be looked at more seriously by our members.

    imho streaming is the way to get people's attention.

    your thoughts everyone? :cool:

    Liquid Audio is intriguing - what is the streaming encoding format, and how are uploads handled? Is there a fee for uploading/registering with LA? How about the download (CD burnable) format? Is it also compressed (mp3, etc), or pure 16-bit/44.1k uncompressed? The concept of having song download and distribution controlled is attractive - more product sold, less pirated. LA does sound very good (though I haven't listened to any on studio monitors yet) and it seems to stream better than Real Audio, Quicktime or MP3 from my brief experiences with it. Obviously streaming and downloadable media are a major force of the future for media buying, but to me it seems the debate over whether the compromise of below CD quality audio matters to anyone other than us engineer/producer/musician folks will continue for some time.... until consumers just buy enough of one thing to force the issue. Will people stay home and download or still shop for a boxed CD?
  6. audiokid

    audiokid Staff

    first of all check this out! :D
  7. John Sayers

    John Sayers Active Member

    audiokid the LA sounds interesting. I think one of our big retailers (Sanity) is working on it here. Mp3.com is now getting exclusive and is charging the artists to get faster and better service. If you aren't paying they won't pay you.

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