Discussion in 'Location Recording' started by John Stafford, Jun 3, 2005.

  1. John Stafford

    John Stafford Well-Known Member

    Hi all
    I have to admit that when this forum started, I expected to find a lot of people using GML preamps, but that hasn't been the case.
    I'd like some, but after my most recent splurges, I won't be getting them any time soon.

    Anyone have any thoughts on these?

  2. Cucco

    Cucco Distinguished Member


    They sound nice.
    They cost a fortune.

    While they sound fantastic, there are just too many contenders out there that are less expensive that do a bang up job. That goes for all of that esoteric stuff. As far as I'm concerned, once you cross a certain price threshold for what I consider to be reasonable, you need not apply any more.

    That's why, an original M50 would be great, but I don't see myself dropping the cash for it any time soon - there's too many mics in my closet that do a good enough job that I can spen that kind of dough on plastic surgery to make myself less ugly.

  3. John Stafford

    John Stafford Well-Known Member

    Thanks Jeremy. I like the new avatar!

    Yes they are rather a little on the pricey side for me, although there is a stereo GML on Mercenary that's a lot cheaper than I thought (still VERY expensive :cry: ). I think the DAV BG1 will be my next purchase, and perhaps a single channel by Phoenix Audio, or a Brick.

    BTW Jeremy, have you seen the new Red mic by Blue? It would be interesting to hear their M50 style capsule.


    PS Maybe that hair-transplant would be cheaper than an M50 -especially if I go to a doctor with fake qualifications and who has been struck off for operating while smoking crack :wink:
  4. Cucco

    Cucco Distinguished Member

    Yep, I've seen the Red stuff. I'm intrigued to say the least.

    As for the GML - the power supply is external (which has a lot of benefits), but it's a huge pain to lug around. It's irregularly shaped so it doesn't fit into a standard rack case.

    I just checked out Mercenary and I was surprised to see it so inexpensive. It's still friggin pricey though - over $1K per channel.

    As for the plastic surgery, I was looking at breast implants. I figured I'd spend a lot more time in the dark, lonely studio by myself if I had something to keep me company. 8)

  5. John Stafford

    John Stafford Well-Known Member

    Hey Jeremy
    I've just been blown out of the water -I can't possibly think of a reply to compete with that :)

  6. Zilla

    Zilla Active Member

    I have a two channel GML pre (modified, of course. I just can't leave things alone.) I am very happy with it. I find that I prefer using it with soloist recording, like classical guitar. For large ensembles, I have found I prefer other pre's, but this may simply be because I can afford many more such channels.

    I am not bothered by the external p/s. It is a bit of an odd brick shape, but this can be accommodated. Besides, pre's with external p/s benefit from the arrangement, sonically.
  7. Plush

    Plush Guest

    BG#1 all the way!

    GML---oh well

    I don't think they're doing anything that the Sytek won't do equally as well.

    Discrete front end--OK
    big power supply--OK
    sound--OK (non revolutionary)

    special??---not compared to the heritage Decca sound of the DAV Electronics products.

    BG#1 all the way!
  8. John Stafford

    John Stafford Well-Known Member

    Thank you gentlemen for the input.

    Interesting perspective Plush. You really think that GML pre's are no better than Sytek?

    One thing about the BG-1. I don't doubt for a second that they are excellent, given that everyone loves them, but I'm a little mystified about the Decca heritage thing on a pre that uses op-amp chips. As a matter of curiosity, do they have input and output transformers?

    Still, I'm trying to decide what to buy next, and I am currently considering the BG 1, or single channel John Hardy or Great River. It all depends on how much change I have left over after having my mics serviced/resurrected. Looks like it's going to be expensive :cry: All I'm interested in is getting a pre that I won't want to upgrade.

  9. FifthCircle

    FifthCircle Well-Known Member

    Since the thread has sort of led into alternatives to the GML, I figure I'll put in my 2 cents... I've been playing around with the prototype of the A Designs new preamp. It is called the Pacifica and it is of a Quad-8 type design. It is a 2 channel solid state pre and I must say I'm really digging using it here. I'm using it at a festival right now so I'm getting the chance to use it for a lot of stuff... I've used it most often for my main pair for the orchestra, but I used it for flanks, solos, and tonight, I used it for my guitar and banjo on a bluegrass concert.

    It seems to work very well for all of them. They are not completely a "straight wire with gain" kind of pre. Rather, they are clear and quite natural, but with a touch of character. Very musical pres in general- I'm having a plast with them...

    They should be shipping soon and I'd recommend checking them out...

  10. Plush

    Plush Guest

    GML is good with good build quality. However, I don't think that their mic amp is the strong point of the company--the equalizers are what they are best known for.

    Sytek uses precision matched transistors in the front end and then puts the signal to a chip.

    As far as the DAV Electronics BG#1 is concerned, it is based on a proprietary in house designed Decca circuit from 1977. It is a transformerless design-- the same circuit used back then.

    Mick Hinton, the design engineer at Decca in 1977 and now the main monster at DAV polled the engineers at Decca. They felt that the sound/engineering circa that era was their favorite and, reaching concensus, he rebuilt the 1977 design. It is based on an Analog Devices chip.

    Many heavy duty characters have eschewed fancier mic amps in favor of DAV.
  11. Kurt Foster

    Kurt Foster Distinguished Member

    I never could afford any GML gear but I have rented a few pieces from Steve Jarvis / David Denny and I think GML makes some great stuff. I am not usually a proponent of transformerless designs but every thing GML I have touched was supurb in feel build quality and performance.
    Every time you use a parametric EQ, you are using a product invented by George Massenberg.
  12. John Stafford

    John Stafford Well-Known Member

    Thanks again for the input.

    Thanks for the explanation. It seems the BG 1 is one of those things that's too good to be true, but actually delivers. I know of people in all fields using these pres. I notice that the 4 channel BG 2 is more than twice the price. It would be interesting to compare the two.

    That Pacifica sounds interesting -yet more equipment to look into :wink: Looking forward to many days of surfing on that one.


    I've never actually touched a GML -but I love the feel of expensive gear! I like the idea of no-compromise equipment (design philosophies aside), but I'd be interested in trying the pre that Fletcher is selling for are $2400 (can't get onto the site to check the price).

    Cheers everyone
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