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Good Monitor Pair for under 400$

Discussion in 'Recording' started by DrummerDan, Nov 26, 2011.

  1. DrummerDan

    DrummerDan Active Member

    Hello, I have pretty much 3 choices in this area.

    yamaha hs50
    krk rokit6
    jbl 2300

    now, i have te4sted all three the krk and the jbl sounded the best to me, the yamahas have the best reviews and are called the reference from what ive heard, maybe im mixing something bc they sounded like i was listening through tin cans.

    the jbls have adjustable bass, but are rear ported, and since these will be around like 6in away from the wall, it might not perform as well as the front ported krk's

    now, i want feedback from some people who have used or use these monitors. any help?
  2. Davedog

    Davedog Distinguished Member

    I dont have the review for these you need but I do have a question for you. Have you ever considered passive monitors? I recently added a pair to my rig as a second set. I bought a set of Tannoy System 8's used. These are a highly regarded higher end monitor and are a 'concentric' design where the tweeter is mounted in the center of the woofer. This tends to eliminate phase issues between the two sources and really cleans up the translation of the high and mids. These dont have that huge bass response even though they are an 8" woofer, but the bass is clean and present and I can see how hours on these would get you what you want as far as full translation. I also bought and old Crown power amp for them and wound up spending less than $500 on something I'm pretty sure blows away most of the budget monitors at this price point.

    I know this isnt what you want to hear but it is an example of research and choices based on quality.

    That being said, since you've heard the monitors you've listed, this becomes a matter of personal choice for you. I will agree with you assessment about having a bass port against the wall. The 'chuffing' from that may become a problem. Perhaps a reassessment of you monitor location will help you in your choices. Remember, there are bargains to be had....you just have to look for them.

    Heres something I've heard personally. I have heard the older Event 20/20's in both passive and self-powered. They are really cheap on the used market and they sound very decent to my ear.....for what its worth. If you have a power amp available you can probably get a used passive pair for under $200 in fine condition.

    Just a thought.
  3. DrummerDan

    DrummerDan Active Member

    im not too sure about the passive thing, it seems to just maybe be better for me to stick with the active. but ill see.

    the krk rokits are front ported, so would that help them with being by the wall? and unfortunalty there isnt a way i could move my desk, im in my basement and its about 275sqft and the drumset and other equipment take up quite a bit

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