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Gooday, just a little help please xD

Discussion in 'Recording' started by dukeluke, Mar 11, 2007.

  1. dukeluke

    dukeluke Guest

    Basically i've set myself up a little studio, in a simple, Mixing board into the back of my sound card, recording mono, via my Line-In.

    Basically, I'm wondering if its possible, to have my speakers perminantly plugged into my mixing desk, and from the mixing desk record into the back of my sound card, then play back back out of my computr via another sound card, and back into one of the tracks on my mixer, for playback via my speakers. (if that makes any sense at all? )

    I know i can't have playback out of the same card into my mixer, because i get a horrible feed back sound. but when i plug it into the other sound card, i get a weak playback, when the channel is turned right up (highly distorted.)

    Thank you in advance :)

  2. Spase

    Spase Active Member

    Sounds like you're having a signal loop. Basically, you have a signal coming in from your computer to the desk, then sending the same signal back into the card, which is then sending it back to the board, and back to the card, and so on and so on....

    You should have no trouble using the one card for both. just make sure that you eliminate the loop. How you go about this would depend on your setup, but for a simple 2 input card, I would use 2 aux sends from the board into the card and then use separate channels inputing from the card. You can then use the mains or monitor or control room outs for your speakers. If you turn the aux sends to the card from the card input channels (sending the card to the card) with this method, you would get the feedback that you are getting now.

    If you gave more detail on your setup, I'm sure someone could give you a more tailored routing.
  3. dukeluke

    dukeluke Guest

    hmm. Im a bit confused. hehe

    Firstly thanks for the reply!

    Another problem im having is something you just mentioned, which i think may need sorted first.

    At the moments im recording everything MONO, from just the left Mains Out on my mixing board. As I don't have to Designated LINE-IN's i didn't know if it was possible to record Stereo? I would love to be able to though.

    I Use a Gamessurround Muse 5.1 Standard PCI sound card.

    My mixing desk is a Behtinger UB2442fx-PRO. Inputs i use into the mixer are Keyboard (stereo input) and a mic and guitar (obviously mono).

    Then i use my Left Ctrl Room out for my speakers. ATM i'm using my Left Mains out, to my SOund cards Line-in for single track (mono) recording.

    obviously I would love to be able to have a stereo output and record a Left and Right channel. ATM i can't work out how.

    So if you have any way to do this.. and how to route this, to not create the loop.

    Thanks again! *smiles*

  4. dukeluke

    dukeluke Guest

    aha, i kept everything the same, except i routed the output from my card into my Aux return 1. And that works, with play back!


    I still cant work out how i can get this card to record two tracks (in stereo)

    Thanks for your time! Really really apreciate it.

  5. Spase

    Spase Active Member

    Buy an 1/8th inch stereo to RCA cable and you can record 2 inputs at a time. You can get rca to 1/4 inch if you want to use something other than the tape out on that board.
  6. dukeluke

    dukeluke Guest

    Thanks alot spase, you have been a real help!

    Nice to come on a forum and get friendly and reliable help!

    Will definatly stay with this forum.

    And it all works, both problems sorted (Y)

    thanks alot


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