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Great monitors that wont cost you an arm for surround later.

Discussion in 'Monitoring / Headphones' started by XTREEMMAK, Jun 12, 2007.


    XTREEMMAK Active Member

    I'm looking to buy some new monitors to replace my current setup. Currently I have the KRK5 Rockets and the Event 5's. I was looking at the JBL LSR 1428 speakers and at the moment I love them and they seem like they sound reliable. The price is a bit steep though ($1400 for pair) which got me wondering about when I want to expand to surround sound. To get the extra speakers would put another $1400 dent in my pocket plus I would need to kick out a little under $2000 for the sub alone! So I was wondering if anyone could recommend great stereo monitors that when the option to expand to surround sound comes along, wont be an arm and a leg to buy? I meen I was thinking about getting the LSR's for the left and right and some other speakers for the center, rear left and rear right speakers but I'm guessing that it's best to go with the same speaker on all channels.
  2. fourone3

    fourone3 Active Member

    Blue Sky makes a pretty decent 2.1 system that you can add a 5.1 output 'card' at any time.

    Not sure about the price, but I can't see the whole 5.1 setup being more than $1300.
  3. TVPostSound

    TVPostSound Guest

    Go with identical speakers on the L, C and R, you dont really need the same for LS/RS unless you mix theatrical features. You can use smaller speakers of the same make on LS/RS

    Do a search for the LSR4300 series, Cucco has issues with his, and I never liked them.

    My setup is LSR6328s on L,C, and R, LSR6325s on LS/RS, and LSR6312P as LFe.
  4. Dosser

    Dosser Active Member


    XTREEMMAK Active Member

    Wow sorry I ment the LSR 4300's big typo lol. That looks like a nice setup you have there. Pricey too lol. I was looking to get the Single, with Mic
    JBL LSR 4328P

    XTREEMMAK Active Member

    Would 3
    JBL LSR 4328P speakers for L,R,C, 2 JBL LSR6325P for LS and RS and eventually a subwoofer be ok? I've heard some good things about the JBL LSR6325P's just that they probably need a sub woofer to go along with them.

    Just checked out the Bluesky's and from the look, the total is about under 1k. I dont know too much about the company though. Usually I here the best things about Genelec and JBL and I have experience with the Events and KRK's. Can anybody tell me anything?
  7. Cucco

    Cucco Distinguished Member

    Ohhhhhh boy did I have a problem with mine!!!

    I've always loved JBL products, so it pained me to have to deal with this recent batch of problems. I think TVPS is right - the 6000 series is MUCH better however, it is clearly a higher priced speaker.

    I will say that in my need to have an affordable and mobile pair of speakers (read: small), I chose to go with the Adam A7s in place of the JBLs (which are boxed up ready to be sent back).

    I've used Adams before in different studios and wasn't "blown away" by them, but that could have been a thousand different factors.

    I just set the Adams up in the studio today and without even so much as burning them in for a second, I fired up some of my old standard reference tracks. All I can say is:


    Considering their price and size, I'm simply blown away. At this price point, I was fully aware of the fact that I'd have to accept some compromises, but as of yet, I haven't found a compromise! The gains between the two speakers are easy to set and the trim pots are all detented (big plus). The sound is simply stunning! (Regardless of price).

    They won't make a bad mix sound good, but they sure do show a good mix for what it is!

    Based on the 3 hours experience I've had with them thus far, they will NEVER be leaving my studio (except for when I have to take them with me on remotes....)

    Well placed in a room, you would hardly if ever need a subwoofer. Of course, if you're mixing in 5.1 please feel free to throw out that previous statement, but I'm clearly hearing the low end (with the exception of perhaps the very last octave) and it sounds smooth and non-bloated!

    Well worth the price! Well worth twice the price!


  8. TVPostSound

    TVPostSound Guest

    The 6328s are sound too bright when used too close as nearfields.

    I would use Blue Skys over Genelecs any day, the Genelecs are priced way too high for what they are.

    I would not mix music on Blue Skys, they are better for Audio for Video.
  9. Cucco

    Cucco Distinguished Member

    Could not agree more!!

    XTREEMMAK Active Member


    Well I just went by the store today and I heard about the Yamaha HS80M. I did a little research (not much yet) and I'm hearing some good reviews on them (claim they sort of outclass some of the more expensive speakers that price around $1100 a piece). Especially for the price, using those would sound like a better solution for eventual Surround sound setup IMO. What do you guys think? I also ran into the KRK VXT8's which I hear are also preaty good. I have some KRK Rocket 5's now and they are "nice" just that you most of the time are left guessing what your low end is really doing so I'm a little skeptical about going the KRK rout again...
  11. Cucco

    Cucco Distinguished Member

    I think you're going in the wrong direction. At least in the opposite direction. Nothing against the Yamahas or the KRKs, but they are designed for a certain market. That market is.....hmmm...how do I put this....

    Teenage kids who shop at Guitar Center with mommy and daddy's money, have a cracked copy of cubase and egg cartons stapled on the wall with a small rack full of B***inger gear.

    Sorry - that's just my impression of the whole marketing scheme of these lower-priced monitors. They're not designed to be accurate, they're designed to take abuse, play loudly and punch out as much bass as possible from a small enclosure.

    The reviews are probably favorable, but I dare you to find a review of a monitor that is publically printed that is not positive (other than my recent scathing comments about the JBLs, which I'm sure is a series of unfortunate coincidences.)

    If you really must stay on the affordable side in the range of the Yamahas and the KRKs, the only monitor I would ever recommend would be the NHT M-00s and their counterpart subwoofer. They do sound amazing regardless of their price.

    XTREEMMAK Active Member

    ...and this is coming from a guy with Adams lmao jk. Thank you for proving why I should be skeptical about those above speakers. So with those Yamaha's out, the KRK's and the JBL LSR 4000's out, I guess I need to find new speakers.

    Dont think the Blue Skies would work, plus I didn't here many good things about them (as such I dont know them anyway heh)......
    Whoa! I just checked out the Adams you have. That's not a bad price at all! Compaired to the JBL's how do they match up? From the above post, I think you were stating that these kick the LSR4328p's (more than likely) out the window!
    I question it though considering it's like just 1.5" bigger than my current KRK Rocket 5's. Will there or is there even a big difference with these Adams? Forgive my many question. One last thing I'd like to know is monitor characteristics on the stat board set a good monitor from a bad one? I know the frequency response chart but what else?
  13. Cucco

    Cucco Distinguished Member

    The JBLs are good - don't get me wrong. I just had a LOT of problems with more than 1. For me, that's a non-starter.

    The depth of sound from the Adams is unbelievable. I mean that quite literally. I cannot believe that the sound that I'm getting from these. The low end is full and extended. My normal "woofer bottom-out test" is an old Telarc recording of Cincinatti Wind Ensemble performing Holst First Suite in Eb. The bass drum blast at the beginning of the Chaconne is simply HUGE. With a giant blast at about 40-60Hz, a peak of 105dB will usually challenge even some of the best speakers! (My Dynaudio BM15s didn't pass the test depsite how amazing wonderful they are!) The Adams passed with flying colors.

    Since I have the Adams well within the return period, I decided to push it. I was easily able to get 110 dB from these without any audible distortion (<1%) with this bass drum hit measured at 1 meter.

    The port clearly pushed a lot of air through, but I heard no sounds of "chuffing."

    At 1 meter, the tweeter is a tad aggressive, but:
    1 - I haven't adequately broken them in yet
    2 - you have two options to affect the tweeter- you have a high frequency filter (EQ) and a voltage control to the tweeter (tweeter amplitude) which allow you to adjust to your tastes. The controls are all detented (though not "heavy" detents) so you can adjust evenly across both speakers. Both speakers' pots seem to track evenly. Feeding pink noise through the monitors and recording the output back into the DAW, adjusting each detent by 1 dB actually related to a 1dB adjustment on input.

    What I think you'll hear as the difference is, while the speaker is only a tad larger than the Rock'it 5, you'll get a much smoother response in the lower register. There's no to very little hint of bloating in the lower register (a huge problem with most mini-near-field-monitors).

    At this point, I just cannot recommend the Adams highly enough!!! If anyone is in the area - you're welcome to come by and listen to them. Just let me know in advance...



    XTREEMMAK Active Member

    Spot on about the bloated lows with minis! That's one of the problems I have with my current setup were as you're left guessing what the lows are doing. I think I may have a winner though I will still do a little more reading into the monitors themselves.

    I've posted this same comment in different places and I got an interesting comment from someone:
    "I personally think that the small studio that does not have a lot of money invested in equipment and can remain flexible to changing needs are the ones that will still be around in a couple of years. The big studios with lots of overhead and lots of people maybe the dinosaurs and be extinct in a few years.

    Nothing is changing faster than today's music business and the people who can provide a product and expertise as needs change will be the real winners in this race."

    Would you agree?

    XTREEMMAK Active Member

    BTW you think these would be adequate for your 5 surround speakers?
    I also just ran into the ADAM ANF-10.
  16. Imago

    Imago Guest

    yes sir

    I second the ADAM's I have a pair of S2-A's and wouldn't have it any other way. They are a bit pricy to build a 5.1 system though. I haven't heard the A-7s, but if they are built anywhere close to the quality of my S2-A's then they are more than worthy of looking into. And in reference to the HSM-80's they are not what I would be looking for for any type of "critical Listening". Their purpose would be better served as say an A to B compairison type speaker(same principle as the NS10-m....if the mix sounds good on this bad of a speaker it will sound good on anything.)

    Be Blessed

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