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Great River now WHAT!!

Discussion in 'Recording' started by primomusic, Nov 18, 2008.

  1. primomusic

    primomusic Guest

    hey guys I got a Great River Mp2nv going into a Ua2192.
    Which mic in your experience sounds sweeter with the Great River Mp2nv

    Aplication is acoustic guitar, vocals, and percussion.

    -TLM 49

    -Bock U195
  2. primomusic

    primomusic Guest

  3. Twood

    Twood Active Member

    I have never tried the TLM49 but I`m really satisfied with my U195 (got 2 of them) I have the old Soundelux U195, not the Bock, but from what I hear it`s basically the same mic.

    If u check out http://www.torleifmadsen.com , song number 10 "hallelujah" (jeff buckley cover) was recorded in my studio.

    Vocals: U195 through a Great River Mp2nv
    guitar: U195 / Royer 121 through a Great river Mp2nv

    I use the U195 a lot... mostly Vocals, drum OH and ac.guitars

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