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Groove Tubes Mics: GT55 GT66... opinions?

Discussion in 'Pro Audio Equipment' started by millionvalve, Feb 23, 2003.

  1. millionvalve

    millionvalve Guest

    I believe the 55 is the FET version of the tube 66.

    I'm still not 100% convinced about my current Blue Baby Bottle, and am looking for alternatives.

    A friend's AT4033 had some elements that I preferred to the Baby, in that the 4033 wasn't so boxy, but the 4033 was also too raspy.

    I know a few people who rave about GT's. Any diff since Alesis got ahold of them?

    Thanks in adv.

  2. Bobby Loux

    Bobby Loux Active Member

    I was just up at the Groove Tubes corporate offices/production center this past week and picked up a mic to demo.

    I'm a vocalist looking for that "Right mic" for my tenor voice..I found it in the GT Model 1b(tube mic)

    I brought it to a friends studio and tested it against the Baby Bottle, 4033, Tlm 103, and Rhode NTK..

    4033... a bit brassy for vox, I agree (I own one)
    TLM 103.. a dark sounding mic, w/nice upper sheen a bit scooped
    Boby Bottle.. even darker mic (not for me)
    NTK... great sizzle and sheen, a little to scooped

    first I will say how the NTK blew my mind. without a doubt much more character and sizzle than the Baby, 4033, and even the 103 (which surprised me, as I always thought the 103 was the best pro sounding entry level mic in that price range)

    I'd probably interested in the NTK until we tested the Groove Tubes.... the model 1b really did kill the NTK. it has a similar sheen and sizzle but much fuller across the low mids area.

    the 103 and the NTK both have the same scooped sound acroos the mids with the NTK having a bit more sheen and sizzle than the 103..(also the 103 has more of a thuddy pump I dont care for)

    overall the model 1b sat in the mix so much better than the others and seemed to sound great naturally without any effects or EQ added. It really was a dream to sing through as well, it really puts your voice in a nice spot while performing.

    I did have a chance to hear the GT66 tube and the GT67 tube on location and "for me" the model 1b was the sound I've been looking to demo on my voice. here are there tube and fet versions of the same mics.

    GT model 1b (tube)...........GT model 1b (Fet)
    GT67 (tube)..................GT57 (Fet)
    GT66 (tube)..................GT55 (Fet)

    I know they are distributing through M-Audio and dont believe they are with Alesis any longer, but either way they all are genuine GT mics...I could post back this week when I return the mic, I can ask them that question for you.

    i dont work for them, just happy to have finally found a cool mic with such character..hope all this helps as I know how subjective the topic of mic's can be.

    the NTK lists for about $499.00 and can be had for around $370.00-$400.00
    the GT Model 1b lists for $699.00 and probably could be had around $540.00.....there really is a noticable difference between the two.

    goodluck my friend :cool:
  3. Matt Hepworth

    Matt Hepworth Active Member

    I think the street price on the NTK is $499, not the list.
    As for the GT66, it's based on the GT AM62 distributed by Alesis. I very much dig that mic (66 or 62). It has a very tooby sound and is easily identifiable.
  4. millionvalve

    millionvalve Guest

    Thanks, guys.

    How close is the GT-66 to the AM62? They look different, but I haven't found the specs for both, yet, to compare.

    The model 1b tube sounds great, but I don't know if I can swing it. The limit for me is around $400. The FET version is another story, being cheaper. Any reason not to do the FET if budget's an issue?

    Keep it coming!

  5. themidiroom

    themidiroom Active Member

    I love my GT55 mic. It is clean and had a nice sound on both male and female vocals. Nice mic for the money.

  6. millionvalve

    millionvalve Guest

    MIDI Room-

    Please try to describe the sound and tell me where (band-wise) it sounds like what (response-wise).

    I know these types of questions are tall orders, and sort of a wacky thing to be asking via the internet, but...

  7. themidiroom

    themidiroom Active Member

    Hmmmm this is a tall order. The GT55 is clean and smooth. It has a good amount of low end response, but it isn't boomy. The high end is well defined without sounding brassy and harsh. If I'm not mistaken the class A internals give it a somewhat tube like character. I know there are better mics out there, but the GT55 kicks major butt for a $300 mic.

  8. millionvalve

    millionvalve Guest


    That worx for me. Thanks!

  9. Matt Hepworth

    Matt Hepworth Active Member

    Oops, I compared the GT66 to the AM62 whereas it is actually the GT67 that is the same mic as the AM62 and the GT66 (not multipattern) is roughly the same as the AM61. GT66 is a mic built exclusively for Guitar Center, but is probably a decent mic. If $400 is your limit I'd look elsewhere...

    The GT55/AM51 is a little bright to me, not overly distinct sounding, but a good microphone.

    Let me suggest used. A CAD E-350 is wonderful in the $400 range used (fat bottom, airy top, larger than life quality), or a used AM61 or AM62.
  10. lwstudio

    lwstudio Guest

    i have 2 GT57's in my mic collection and im very very happy with them.
  11. jpetrisko

    jpetrisko Guest

    I've been using a Neumann KM184 for vocals (with a good pop filter) and lingering in the back of my mind was always the "am I better off with a large diaphragm" question.

    So... I picked up a GT55 from Guitar Center. It's very sensitive and has a nice grain to the top end, but I felt that it was a bit too "scooped" sounding... mostly boom and sizzle. It sits nicely in the mix, but seems to be lacking intelligability in the mids. Probably a real good hard rock mic, though. Worth checking out.
  12. jpetrisko

    jpetrisko Guest

    double post
  13. leeg

    leeg Guest

    I used to have both the NTK and the CAD E300. I found the NTK to bee sweeter and more natural sounding than the CAD, so I eventually sold the CAD. Then after a year of the NTK, I found it to be too grating and screechy to my ears and sold that too. It sounded fizzy on the high frequencies. Since then, I've demoed several mics including the Neumann TLM103, Soundelux U195, Audio Technica 4040, and Brauner Phantom C. None of them captured the balanced, warm tone I heard in my head. Lastly, I tried the GT66, which to me sounds more realistic and more solid than the NTK. I thought the NTK is a hollower sound, where the GT66 is rounder and more pleasing for my vocals. I find it easier to eq, not as bright as the NTK, but I'm able to brighten it to taste and achieve a more satisfying sound than by boosting mids on the NTK. Compared to the other mics I've listed, the GT66 was definitely up there in quality, and for my voice (and my wife's) a better match. By the way, I'm running it through a Great River mp-2nv, which is wonderful.
  14. Alécio Costa - Brazil

    Alécio Costa - Brazil Well-Known Member

    I have At4050´s, GT5, C3000B´s, C200B´s, Sm91 on here.
    The GT55 sounds cool on bass heavy stuf: theyadd some sheen and air, seems they also a cut some mids. I would not use it for vocals, nothing has beaten my At4050, even the U87, maybe the mic pre of the console does not like the U87 very much.
    I would put the GT55 one step ahead of the C300B´s and C200B´s and maybe also from the KSm32´s.
    The GT 55 also sounded cool miking bass guitar cabinetes. I did lots of tests with At4050, C2000B, C300B, a direct out XLR klark box and believe me: it was undoutable: the GT55 gave us (me engineer/producer, band´s crew) the most solid tone.

    One advantage of the GT over the Ats are that they are very soild, they not damage if phantom is already powerd and so. Theyhave some kinf of long TAO ( R.c) constant that kind of protects the mic.

    For vocals, I would say they are also a little noisy. Well, I bought them here in Brazil for $300, almost the US price, they are popular here and yes, they are not from ALesis anymore and look cool
    Hope it helped ya

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