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GT Brick - no blue light!

Discussion in 'Pro Audio Equipment' started by guitarjazzman, Jul 15, 2009.

  1. guitarjazzman

    guitarjazzman Active Member

    I had a discussion going not too long ago on converting my Groove Tubes Brick to UK voltage and it was resolved thanks to everyone. I now have a new dilemma!
    I recorded with my Brick a couple of days ago and it was working fine. Yesterday, I had another session and when I turned on my Brick, the blue on light was dead. I changed the fuse, power lead and outlet socket and still nothing. I took the unit apart today and found that when I turned it on, the tubes were glowing although there was still no blue light. I have also tested it with a microphone and also by plugging a guitar into the instrument input and it seems to be working OK. I can adjust the level with the knob on the front. At full anti-clockwise, I am still getting signal which I presume is correct. The phantom power light also works OK too.
    Has anybody else had a brick whose on light has failed? It seems strange that an LED would die on me. I presume the Brick will either work or not and not be working at a reduced level or anything crazy? Any thoughts? Cheers!
  2. Link555

    Link555 Well-Known Member

    Is it an LED or Neon?

    I used work in the Avionics field. We got a project one time to repair the lighing on BBJ (boeing Buisness Jet). Aparently they had installed all LED cabin lighting. A plane can connect and disconnects from the ground power several time during system checks. This causes switching transients on the power system inside the plane. These transients where poping the LED lights almost daily. I was asked to design a clamping circuit to deal with the transients.

    Anyway long story short, LED's do pop if the are exposed to voltage swells or spikes.
  3. guitarjazzman

    guitarjazzman Active Member

    Not sure, I just figured it was an LED. When it was working, I had the Brick on for most of the day. It was a very hot day and my studio was extremely hot. I also had it in a bit of an enclosed space so I am thinking that the LED (if it is an LED) might have overheated. It is quite a new unit and I haven't used it that much. I can't take it back to the store as I am in the UK and I bought it from the US.
  4. Link555

    Link555 Well-Known Member

    LED's don't typically have heat issues. I am not saying that they are imprevious to heat, just that they draw such a low current that heat is real problem.
  5. valverec

    valverec Guest

    It's probably fine if it doesn't bother you. If it bugs you, you can probably get them to send you a new led and solder it in yourself if you have the skill. If not, and it's working fine, it's almost definitely a non issue. It was probably just the heat and it farted out. LED's, usually last a very long time, but they do burn out. It's also possible that it was a cold solder joint, so again, if you have the skill, you may just want to touch up the solder joints around there and see if that helps. I assume there's no ribbon cable attached inside to this led, but it's possible again that if there were, the cable could have come loose.

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