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guitar noise making me sick.PLEASE HELP!

Discussion in 'Guitars' started by Deusx, Apr 13, 2005.

  1. Deusx

    Deusx Active Member

    :? i have a fender strat copy and i am having big trouble playing and recording stuff on it . it makes a lot of noise, and i mean a lot of noise.
    even when the guitar is muted from the strings with hand. or when not touched.(when touched the noise is slightly lessen)
    using any amp. vamp2, line 6 pod2, this problem does not occur using the same equipment but different guitar.
    when using pod2 and audio interface aardvark direct pro q10
    with the problem guitar. the noise onley comes when the strings are not touched.

    i think my guitar circuit is not grounded or something like that.
    please tell me some link where i can learn my self to solve this circuit problem, as there is no body here where i live can solve the problem.
  2. geckormf

    geckormf Guest


    Start here and find the model of Strat closest to the one you have. Download the wiring diagram and you should come right.
  3. WRX07

    WRX07 Guest

    All single coil pickups are noisy. No offense, but on the cheaper guitar models the wiring and pickups are made using cheaper components, which will produce a lot of noise. My suggestion is if you like the guitar, replace the stock pickups with some nicer ones. Or get a nicer guitar.

    I have a Fender Fat Strat Texas Special and the single coils are sort of noisy but the humbucker is pretty quiet. I have a friend who has the $300 Fender standard telecaster and that thing is noisy as HELL. It sounds like a leaf blower coming out of his amp. He put a tele hot rails pickup in and voila, noise gone. http://www.musiciansfriend.com/srs7/search/detail/base_pid/300367/src=01340. A Boss Noise Supressor pedal works pretty well in gating buzzing too. On mine though, sometimes I find that it slightly distorts some of the low bass when playing loud on a clean channel.
  4. moonbaby

    moonbaby Mmmmmm Well-Known Member

    You may indeed need new guts or a new axe. But if you are getting the noise without touching the strings, you might check the grounding, as you yourself suggested. Start with the ground wire that runs from the bridge assembly, through a small hole to the pick-up assembly.Different manufacturers do this differently, but you will see the wire I am referring to when you pull the pickguard and look at the guts. Be careful not to pull any wires off as you remove the pickguard assembly! Betcha something is either loose or broken free.Most guitar companies use fragile wires in that grounding position. Be sure to check both ends. Ya never know...
  5. EroticPoetry

    EroticPoetry Guest

    You're not really going to find a quiet single coil. Even the Noiseless pickups on my American Deluxe Tele make some noise.

    Get a noise suppresor.
  6. I had a major noise problem with my Squier Stratocaster VII (7-string Strat, still turns heads when I play, especially since I added the third humbucker). The problem: ground wire on the bridge was loose. The noise was so bad I could run an outboard gate and to get it to go away, the threshold had to be around -10. After I stripped the guitar down to find the problem (I had pretty much isolated it to the bridge since I could touch the bridge and the problem would almost disappear) I was surprised at how simple of a problem it was. Anyway, noise problems in a lot of guitars are typically associated with a loose ground connection.
  7. moonbaby

    moonbaby Mmmmmm Well-Known Member

    Many, many moons ago (no pun intended!), I went down to a local pawn shop with my dad (I was only 14 at the time). I pulled an ancient (in 1969!) Fender Jazzmaster off the wall and plugged it in.Horrific buzz.The price tag said $90.00 (!)...I offered the dude $70.00..pointed out the noise. He took it. My old man looked incredulous..."That guitar doesn't work right!" I bought it anyway. 20 minutes later, I had it rockin' out...my old man was shocked and he never criticized my guitar interest again!
  8. VulcanDC

    VulcanDC Active Member

    Hassan... if you have a computer monitor in front of you, switch it off... CRT monitors induce noise....
  9. The noise from a CRT monitor will be centered on its refresh rate. It can easily be confused with AC hum sometimes. Also, computers in general generate a lot of noise across the spectrum. I'm not just talking about fans, I'm talking about how they work with electricity to perform binary actions. That goes in another discussion though. It basically explains why I am an analog diehard.
  10. moonbaby

    moonbaby Mmmmmm Well-Known Member

    You better let us know what the cure for this is! I have $20.00 riding on it! That suggestion about the computer monitor is a good one, too, but I still believe that you have a ground wire problem. Another website that is chock-full of guitar and amp info is the "guru" Dan Torres in Northern California. He has a website:
    You will find more information there that will help you fix and "hotrod" your axe than you can imagine. He also sells parts and kits.Highly recommended.
  11. Just a note about monitors:

    CRT monitors aren't the only sources of noise. LCD (flat-panel) monitors can also be noisy due to the flourescent backlights used in many makes and models.
  12. killersoundz

    killersoundz Guest

    long live humbuckers! :D
  13. VulcanDC

    VulcanDC Active Member

    LOL.... :lol: :lol: :cool:
  14. Humbuckers can still make a lot of noise though. Not near as much as single coils, but the noise can still come out.
  15. Dr_Simon

    Dr_Simon Guest

    I really think you problem is a doggy ground, check their is an earth wire in contact with your bridge. If there is, you may want to work through the joints one by one and make sure they are all still intact.

    I record with single coils all the time and they are noisy. However if you take a few precautionary steps there is no reason why your recordings shouldn't sound just great.

    Turning off monitors and fluorescent tube lighting is also very good advice.
  16. Deusx

    Deusx Active Member

    Thanks a billion gentle men for all your replies i've been too busy for some time and could not come check my posts. now i am sure i'll find the solution and it's very possibly the grounding fault.
  17. westshore

    westshore Guest

    If you want a really nice crystal clean modern sounding tone. Go with some EMG pickups. They are not an antenna like passives, and there are so much you gain with actives. More presense, more everything. If you can dial it in to your amp. EMGs work very well with the line 6 products.

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