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Guitar Phase questions

Discussion in 'Guitars' started by Hack, Apr 3, 2001.

  1. Hack

    Hack Active Member

    I've been tracking a "Christian Death Metal" band for the last week and a half. The guitars were all recorded by micing a 4X12 cab with a 421 and a 57. Both close and faceing the cab about 6 inches away. They seemed to be in phase. I listened in mono, I looked a a phase meter on a TC box, I moved the mics around untill they were out of phase then back to where they were in again to hear the difference. So...
    There are a around 8 - 10 guitar tracks on each song. Seems like a lot to me because few are stacks.
    The problem is that when I pan things hard L&R they seem to be out of phase. But I don't usually pan guitars hard. And when they are panned within 9 and 3 they sound ok and the meter says it's in phase. I didn't catch this earlier becuse it did't start happening until there were 7 or 8 guitar tracks down.
    Are they still out of phase?
    Is this a problem that I will fight to the death in mixing?
  2. alphajerk

    alphajerk Active Member

    seems like a lot of guitar tracks to me, especially if they arent doubled.

    are you talking about panning the pair of mics hard or when all those guitars are in the mix?

    what happens when you flip the phase of one side when they are panned hard?

    christian death metal?! is that like the Army of God? maybe its just god ^#$%ing with you.
  3. Ang1970

    Ang1970 Well-Known Member

    What is it exactly that makes you feel like they are out of phase when they are panned?
  4. Dude! Christian Death Metal! I've come across this before. Do they have the Cookie-Monster-style vocals?
  5. Hack

    Hack Active Member

    Cookie monster is exactly who is singing!

    I am assuming they are out of phase. It's like you can't tell where they are coming from and they get quietier. I haven't had the option of flipping the phase yet. It's they way the console is set up for this deal. That is one of the first things I will try. I will probably delay a few of the tracks by a few miliseconds also. My worry is that I might be hearing some kind of cone filtering from the cab because I had the mics to close together. But I really didn't have the mics that close to each other.

    I am now also faced with another new one for me. They insist on having a distorted bass track plus the clean track. The count so far is...Distorted guitar(8-10 of them), Distorted vocals, and distorted bass.

    Anyway I was wondering how to get the two bass tracks to sound like one bass. Should I try to get low power out of one and some kind of definition or mids to highs out of another, or should I get all I can out of both tracks?
    The distorted track was made through the same guitar rig we've been using. I only used one mic for it though.
  6. Ang1970

    Ang1970 Well-Known Member

    If they were out of phase, wouldn't they get louder, not quieter, when you pan them hard L/R? Or are you panning the 2 mics to the same side?
    Sorry if I'm missing something here.

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