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guitar rig on powerbook

Discussion in 'Guitars' started by jsanfilippo5, Feb 28, 2005.

  1. jsanfilippo5

    jsanfilippo5 Guest

    hi all

    im using cubase sx on a powerbook g4 1.33 mhz. i cant seem to run moer than 2 tracks of audio when i use guitar rig, any ideas of squeezing some more juice from this system?
  2. overlookfran

    overlookfran Guest


    do you have a dedicated user account for recording? if not, setup a user that has limited access, NO DOCK, limited finder, NO INTERNET/AIRPORT, but only access to the folders, RTA/VSTs, and get yourself an external hard drive. This IMHO is the quickest and easiest way to optimize a Mac for recording. i did this on my PB G4 1 ghz, and I am always amazed how much I can do at once...
  3. overlookfran

    overlookfran Guest


    ...and also disable any 'screen FX' for this new user. no screen saver, and very little visual bells and whistles. turn off as many ram-sucking features OS X defaults to. this will also help...
  4. AIC4ever

    AIC4ever Guest

    i can help

    dude...this is the deal. your power book isn't as powerful as you think. Unfortunately guitar rig absoloutely relies on your cpu. and a cpu of 1.33ghz isn't the greatest. but the other guys are right. have minimal programs working when operating guitar rig as a stand alone or in a program. check the performance of the program when you are in your recording software(ie. vst performance for cubase) umm....yeah like i said the cpu(your processor) is the issue here and the prgrams you are running.

    Plus i find an Sm57 mic'd even through your stock PCI card, to your amp sounds better than guitar rig. lol

    alright man.....sorry to break the news about guitar rig....but we are all in this together.

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