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HAPPY NEW YEAR 2007 ! ..... > from Sebatron.

Discussion in 'Pro Audio Equipment' started by Sebatron, Dec 31, 2006.

  1. Sebatron

    Sebatron Well-Known Member

    HAPPY NEW YEAR 2007 !!!

    Happy New Year everybody... :lol:

    Good Luck for 2007. :cool:

  2. gomp

    gomp Guest

    Same to you, Seb!!!
    And everyone else!!

    Already looking forward to the quiz...... :D
  3. audiokid

    audiokid Staff

    back at ya Seb and all the gang... !
  4. zemlin

    zemlin Well-Known Member

  5. Groff

    Groff Active Member

    all the best

  6. freaky

    freaky Guest

    best wishes for 07 to all!
  7. MadGuitrst

    MadGuitrst Active Member

    Happy New year and continued success for a very deserving company!

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