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Harcore Music "Bass Boom": how do i achieve this?

Discussion in 'Bass' started by zanejr, Feb 19, 2007.

  1. zanejr

    zanejr Guest

    ive been messing around with different things in adobe audition with my bands raw tracks but i cant seem to figure out how to get that real nice "bass boom" that most bands put right into the intro of their breakdowns.

    if any of you know what i speak of and are knowledgeable at performing this feature could you please tell me how?

  2. multoc

    multoc Active Member

    The bass boom/basshit/bassdrop/808 you speak of is simply either an 808 bassdrum or its a tone generator. In your case with Adobe Audition go to Generate->Tone, then in the first tab type in 80Hz, then in the second tab make the result 20Hz. Mess around with the total time, usually 1 second will do the trick. Insert the tone where you want it, and vuala...but be careful you can seriously ^#$% up your system if you have it too loud or mix it with added bass, so leave the Track EQ alone!!!
    Good luck
    Check out my bass drops in the band Earth Vs. The Spider http://myspace.com/earthvsthespider
  3. I use the waves rbass or maxxbass it adds subharmonics in the area without adding decibles so you get a deeper fuller sub without the loud clipping of just boosting the level.
  4. I use the waves rbass or maxxbass it adds subharmonics in the area without adding decibles so you get a deeper fuller sub without the loud clipping of just boosting the level.
  5. multoc

    multoc Active Member

    He's asking about an 808 sound (popularized by bands like As I Lay Dying, placed under a kick drum to add emphasis right before the "break down" aka where the guitarists play open note chugging) He's not asking how to add more bass to a track
  6. ;)

    Download instructions:

    1.) Scroll down and select the "free" button from the right-hand of the three columns
    2.) Wait the given amount of time (usually under a minute)
    3.) Select a download link and enter the 4-character code presented
  7. SeniorFedup

    SeniorFedup Guest

    what as i lay dying song in particular??????
  8. multoc

    multoc Active Member

    just about any of them, i can't name them off the top of my head because i'm not a particular fan of playing different versions of "paint it black" over and over again.....ill ask around though
  9. multoc

    multoc Active Member

    you can hear it on the john legend song "alright" (off his first album) on the "and" of 3 used as a bass drop rather than a bass drum (which is usually the case in hip hop)
  10. music_guy

    music_guy Guest


    I was just browsing the site until this issue caught my attention.

    Well, first Zanejr needs to define "Bass Boom" a little more since you can regard it as a bass frequency shape that can be obtained with parametric equalizers and a multi-band compressor.

    Needless to say, that a bass drum with the right tonal characteristics is necessary as a foundation.

    Multoc, seems to believe that Zanejr is referring to a very low sine wave (808 kick drum made by Roland) and advises to play with a tone generator that outputs sound waves at 20 and up to 80 cycles.

    Whatever the recording/mixing technique or choice of sounds you opt in here, Zanejr won't get that desired bass effect on his music until it is mastered by a professional mastering engineer.


    Edward Vinatea
    audio cd masteringChief Mastering Engineer
    New York City
  11. Ballz

    Ballz Guest

    I think anyone familiar with "hardcore" and "breakdowns" would know exactly what Zanejr is talking about. Multoc is obviously familiar with the genre and the bass drop. You certainly DO NOT need a proffesional, experienced, expensive mastering engineer to make this work. I'm sure when Zane is good and ready he'll record in a professional studio and pay someone good money to do a good job translating of all of his audio fantasies into digital. Until then, there's nothing wrong with learning and experimenting and doing it for yourself.
  12. I found "xhardxcore bass boom" to be pretty explanatory. As multoc said, it's more of the 808 bass drop--a sine wave--than an altered kick drum.

    The only true way to get this desired sound, zanejr, is to have licensed custodians clean the carpeting before your tracking sessions.

    Kevin Osborn
    Kellermeyer Building Services, LLC
  13. Cucco

    Cucco Distinguished Member

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  14. music_guy

    music_guy Guest

    Really! Cucco is the only one that makes sense at this point.

    Edward Vinatea
    Chief Mastering Engineer
    New York City
  15. Cucco

    Cucco Distinguished Member

    Sorry Edward...I was actually laughing WITH PLS, not at him.

    A "Bass Drop" is a pretty simple concept and Multoc and PLS are pretty much right on.
  16. music_guy

    music_guy Guest

    Cucco, you want to have your opinion prevail? that's fine too. But you were the most clever of the bunch for making a joke.

    Let's not get lost with semantics here, OK? "Bass Drop" and "Bass Boom" may not have the same meaning to the poster.

    He asked: "that real nice "bass boom" that most bands put right into the intro of their breakdowns".

    The word that confuses me the most is "intro". How can you "Breakdown", I assume a bass drum or whatever else, if the song has just started?

    In Club music, a "Breakdown", means you lose the bass drum, and maybe the bass line too.

    Was Zanejr referring to the beginning of a breakdown? Maybe, but until he comes back, we don't know for sure, do we?

    This is what I meant it needs defining and again, until this poster comes back to clarify, maybe redirect the question, all of you are just blabbermouths.

  17. multoc

    multoc Active Member

    Yeah a bass drop is simply this: a sine wave that begins at around 80Hz-60Hz that falls from there to around 30Hz in one second or less.....

    Here's one example: the Very beginning of Good Charlottes "The Anthem" it's a very audible bass drop that isn't requiring a subwoofer to hear.

    Another one is located here (you're going to have to listen to the entire song though): http://myspace.com/ecsplodeshows the song is "At The Throne of Justice" it happens at 1:06 (although I'm sure it's on every song within that page lol).

    I also have it on the band Earth Vs. The Spider which I recorded. http://myspace.com/earthvsthespider On the song "An Attempt to Save A Horse" (they occur towards the end but the song is short, it's ok, they were such a pain to record, bad tone on the guitars very hard to fix)

    It's that low 808 sound that you hear in hiphop

    It's also very prevalent on songs by the band Chimaira.http://myspace.com/Chimaira On the song "Resurrection" it is VERY LOW but it's on the 2 beat of bar 3 once the first riff begins after the introduction.

    It is something used as emphasis for a certain part of a song, when used in a live concert situation it is something you will feel in the pit of your chest, just a tool to add something extra to the music.

    I would also recommend if you make it from scratch that you should add a compressor to give the thing some impact because once mastered my "home-made" ones have just disapeared, but putting a compressor (actually I include it with the bass guitar bus) and it just explodes!=) (which is what we want)

    It's also pretty misunderstood apparently but there shouldn't be any hard feelings, this is what the original question was referring to.
  18. multoc

    multoc Active Member

    A break down in "hardcore music" can be defined only as where the song slows down or goes into half time it is usually the bridge of a song or the very end. By "intro" he means the very first downbeat of the so called "breakdown"

    This is the best example i could find and it's the reason I don't like this sub-genre very much "hardcore dancers"

    Also this is "As I Lay Dying" the part immedietly after the guitarist flips his guitar is considered a "breakdown"
    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l6NtyTkN2Z8 (i do like the drummer's foot speed though, thank god for pro-tools=))

    This is supposed to be the ten "best" breakdowns

    And here is one last example of a bassdrop in a different genre
    Crossbreed "Seasons" after the hihat count "1234" on the 1 of every measure is a huge BOOM, which is the bassdrop!
  19. Apologies for our being presumptuous, music_guy, but I don't think it was entirely unfounded. In response to your newest remarks:

    1.) The poster [zanejr] specifically mentions a trend in hardcore music today, and I think even the casual listener can make inferences as to this sound he/she is trying to recreate. But, as you said, the operative word here is definitely infer.

    2.) A "breakdown" in heavier types of music is typically understood as a usually-intrumental, sometimes-halftime, often-sparing part of the song that works much like a bridge. As multoc mentioned, this usually includes open-chord chugging from the guitars and, in faster genres, a sense of overall comparative space. And yes, as the trend determines, a "bass boom" is sometimes mixed into the beginnings of these sections today to make them more dramatic.

    As in my case, I made two assumptions of the behalf of first-time posters here: that one genuinely saught help for a problem he/she addressed with [what I felt were] ample context clues, and that another was trying to drum up business.
  20. Cucco

    Cucco Distinguished Member


    I don't have an opinion on this matter. I was merely laughing at PLS's comments.

    For me to have an opinion, I'd have to give a rat's ass about what the guy's talking about. I don't.

    That's why I've stayed out of this topic and let others who do have (informed) opinions answer.

    The answer to this guy's question has nothing to do with mastering.

    Sorry. 8)


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