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Hard Rock / Heavy Metal Recording in Cubase

Discussion in 'Cubase' started by stormrider_gr, Jun 14, 2011.

  1. stormrider_gr

    stormrider_gr Active Member

    Hello Guys. I would like to ask somethink about recording Hard Rock / Heavy Metal songs.

    While in recording process, who much do i have to leave for the mastering and mixing ????? I'm working with Hard Rock and Heavy Metal mostly and need to learn more on that.

    I mean in Cubase I have a group for Rythm Guitars, A group for Solo Guitars, A bass Guitar channel , the Drums , and the Vocals.

    The tracks have to be -2db, so in the mixing and mastering process to be at 0db ? I read that somewhere in another forum.

    The guy I'm collaborating with, told me to write the guitars dry and clean, without any distortionts , and he will put the distortions on the mix. But I use Blackstar equipment and I love the sound....

    I have to use to level lower so to keep the -2db stable, so to get some space in the mixing and mastering process ???

    Sorry for the big message !!

    That's 4 now
  2. Mo Facta

    Mo Facta Active Member

    Uy yuy yuy. So much to address. You have been given misinformation.

    It is not a good idea to run your mix that hot for a number of reasons, the foremost being inter-sample peak distortion. There's a long explanation as to why this is but the short of it is that even though your master output meter in Cubase my say -2dBfs, there could be (depending on the spectral content of the waveform) up to a +6dB difference (or more) at the DA converter. For more information on inter-sample peaks, check out THIS explanation on the SSL website.

    Secondly, plugin and processing calculations become increasing unstable as you approach 0dBfs, which manifests as distortion. I can almost guarantee that you will see a significant improvement in sound quality if you feed your plugins with conservative level and audition all processing at the same perceived level as the original.

    Third, there is ample dynamic range with 24-bit audio so there is never any reason to approach 0dBfs at any time. Music has a maximum dynamic range requirement of 120 dB for the most demanding classical music situation, and from anywhere from 100 - 80dB for modern pop music. Sometimes less, as is becoming increasingly common. 24-bit audio has a theoretical maximum dynamic range of 144dB but in the real world you are more likely to find dynamic range figures of 110 to 120dB with the quietest of systems with the odd dB more.

    Given the above information, it is best practice to keep your mix at an RMS reading of -18dBfs (0VU) with peaks not exceeding the -12 or the -10dBfs mark. No channel or plugin or bus at any time should exceed -6dBfs.

    If you like your sound, tell him so. It is your right tp able to use it if it is something you like. It is actually sad these days that no one is willing to commit to a sound in favor of being able to edit or change it later.

    Um, yes?

    Cheers :)
  3. stormrider_gr

    stormrider_gr Active Member

    Thank's a lot....actually I'm trying to learn techniques for the mixing and mastering on my own.....That tool was really helpful....I will start using it asap. I will sent a pic of a project of mine and I will wait 4 your comments
  4. stormrider_gr

    stormrider_gr Active Member

    Guys this is a demo that I made a few minutes ago trying to make my point. I need your help with the levels. I have marked in red circles the levels and the changes I have made and I'm waiting for your suggestions.
    The whole point is when I'm exporting the track, all instruments are too loud even if they are all in 0db.....please need some help here...

    Stormrider Out. Thank's a lot 4 your patience and your help

    View attachment 5021
  5. EricIndecisive

    EricIndecisive Active Member

    Think of 0db like it is 100%. You don't want to go over that. Is that what you mean? From looking at the waveform it seems like you would have a decent gain level, but you still need to turn the tracks way down. On some of my stuff that's in progress the guitar tracks are each like -8 to -10 db. When it's all added together it's obviously louder which is why you need to turn individual tracks down
  6. stormrider_gr

    stormrider_gr Active Member

    sarNz thanks a lot. The last few days I read a lot and with a lot of help I finally realized what is going on with the levels....thank all of you guys for your help in this topic

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