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Have anyone tried the new Event studio precison 8 ?

Discussion in 'Pro Audio Equipment' started by HMNP, Sep 23, 2004.

  1. HMNP

    HMNP Member

    How good are they ?? Are they better than the mackie 824 ?? thanks
  2. dabmeister music

    dabmeister music Active Member

    He** yea, a friend of mine just purchased a pair about a month ago. He said they have a lot of punch & the mids and highs are very pleasing. I have'nt heard them yet, but he based his purchase on these because he liked the pair of Event PS8's I own. Not bad...
  3. sickstring

    sickstring Guest

    I used to have a pair of these, be careful about the highs and lows as they were heavily exagerated in my experience. I have since gotten a pair of MSP5's and haven't looked back since. I now can get a mix that actually translates across different set ups.
  4. Krou

    Krou Active Member

    I heard them (and everything else GC had to offer) recently and quite frankly, didn't care for any of the Events (PS, TR or SP series), they just all sounded so hyped and shrill in the highs. I know it's just one more opinion and everyone hears things differently, so it's really best to go and judge them with some of your favorite CDs.

    After an hour and a half auditioning (with a 20 min. break before round 2), I opted for the KRK V6 Series 2. Yum....

    I'm still getting used to them but so far so good, very balanced sounding and while the bass is not as pronounced than most other monitors I heard, it's there and very controlled sounding, which is ideal for my rather small control room.

    That said, the best speakers I've ever heard under $2k were the Dynaudio BM6A. If I had the budget, there would be no question that these would be the ones I'd purchase.
  5. HMNP

    HMNP Member

    That's why were here, to hear everyone out!

    Ive heard alot of rave about these speakers, I'll have to look into them.

    How much are these speakers ?? where do they sell them ? Thanks alot Krou
  6. Krou

    Krou Active Member

    I couldn't find out where you're located, but here in NYC, the only place I was able to go hear them in person was at B&H in midtown. The retail price averages $1699 but I know of a place (online) that will sell them much cheaper, and they're an authorized Dynaudio dealer. Email me for more on this (I don't want to spam, it just happens this guy has always been very friendly and helpful in the past, so I might as well send people to him when they ask about the Dyns.).

    If you do a search on this fourm, you'll be amazed at how revered these monitors are. Once you hear them, you'll know why that is!
  7. HMNP

    HMNP Member

    Thanks, I'll be getting in touch with you soon, man you make some pretty WEIRD!!!!! music!! I LOVE IT!!! Specially the Neiroscape song, jeje you rock man!! Keep it up!
  8. Kurt Foster

    Kurt Foster Distinguished Member

    It's ok for you to put someonelse's link up ... That's not spam ..

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