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Have Pro Tools 6.9 considering buying Reason Essentials then Ugrade to Reason 6

Discussion in 'Reason' started by rocker73, May 14, 2012.

  1. rocker73

    rocker73 Active Member

    I have Pro Tools 6.9 (big latency issues!) just checked out reason esentials, looks like a top daw for not much money and has line 6 stuff in there too for my guitars, I have a Korg Triton but considering buying either:

    Oxygen 49 - 3rd Generation 49-Note USB Midi Keyboard or
    Impulse 25 USB MIDI Controller Keyboard

    To control plugins, rack stuff and mixing and transport functions.

    My question is will either of the above connect and automap to plugins, transport controls etc?

    there appear to be driver updates on M-Audio's site for this. I dont want to spend a fortune on a controller but need it to do all of the above and be able to play some keyboard too.

    The Oxygen does not have drum pads on though, so would probbaly go for the Novation if it will automap.

    How are people finding Reason essentials (record) for a daw compared to pro tools?

    Any help , suggestions and comments much appreciated!
  2. brassknuckles

    brassknuckles Active Member

    I like novation, they did good gear in the late 90s.
    here is a link to the novation site that goes through their automap
  3. hueseph

    hueseph Well-Known Member

    Reason isn't a DAW it's a sequencer and synth. If you're sticking with Pro Tools, you are better off with M-Audio since Avid plays best with it's partners. You should seriously consider upgrading your DAW. Even if you want to stick with Pro Tools. Pro Tools 10 will unbind you from Avid/Digi Hardware and it has Automatic Delay Compensation. (revelation? Not really). They've finally gone 32 bit float and are about to go 64 bit with their next version which should be out within 6 months to a year.

    Not trying to sell you on Software. Certainly not on Pro Tools. I would pick any other DAW before that. However, there is good reason to upgrade if latency is hurting you. Reason is not the way to go personally. I would get Reaper well before that. But, I am hugely biased. I just don't like Pro Tools....yet. Even though I find it very intuitive.
  4. rocker73

    rocker73 Active Member

    Pro Tools 6.9/Reason essential/Reaper!

    Thanks for all that info! Thats great!

    I have been playing with reason essentials and am controlling its transport controls from my Korg Triton Le which in turn sends a MIDI Colock Signal to my Alesis SR16
    Drum machine. Have been playing with Dr Octo Rex too. Am slowly getting to grips with reason.

    I have downloaded Reaper and will have a tinker with that too.

    I used to rewire reason adapted into Pro Tools but when i try and rewire reason essentials pro tools shuts down and then reason tries to launch and fall over.
    I liked being able to rewire reason into pro tools before and i do like pro tools apart from the latency issue, i also have a graphics issue when i drop a T-Racks 3 deluxe plugin into a pro tools channel as an insert and IKmultimedia tech support say they have this running fine with pro tools 10 running on windows 7!

    So all in all i am probably going to have to spend some serious money if i want to solve these issues and use reason essential rewired to pro tools and use my Tracks 3 plugins too.

    So Basically purchase full version of pro tools 10, upgrade to windows 7, also need a new 19" LCD monitor as one has died and need more pre amps, so am thinking
    Octopre MKII Dynamic! sobasically around £1000 or slightly more!

    Any more coments and ideas please post! much appreciated!
  5. hueseph

    hueseph Well-Known Member

    Windows 7 is pretty demanding. If your computer is more than 5 years old, you're going to have to look into a new system as well. At the least a dual core but more preferably a quad core cpu. AMD systems are cheaper than Intel but there is a bit of a performance gap as well. It sounds like about time to invest a good amount of money on a full upgrade.

    If you build your own system, make sure you check with AVID to make sure that your components are supported.

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