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Have you ever sold a song? Making money as a writer...

Discussion in 'Studio Lounge' started by wsiler, Feb 3, 2006.

  1. wsiler

    wsiler Active Member

    I read the post titled "Songwriter Question" and a thousand questions came to mind.

    It covered some basics of how to find a publishing company. What I would love to know is...

    Has anyonme out there ever sold a song? What is the common practice and what can one expect? Do you sell the song or do you "lease" it to someone? How does this work? I can imagine selling a song outright for say $5000 and then along comes band X and sells 5 million copies in singles and album sales combined. Even if you got a nickel for each copy sold you would still be sitting in dough. That nickel per would be worth $250K. Of course, this seems so unlikely I cannot imagine but then again it also seems kind of ideal.. from the writers position at least.

    Can anyone with experience give a short explanation of what you have gone through selling or licensing an original song? Have you made money and how did you do it?

  2. wsiler

    wsiler Active Member

    Hmm.. Trying to interpret why no one has answerd this one. It seems like an engaging topic. Well, maybe it was naive to think I might get an answer. 8)

    I imagine those have any success at selling songs probably don't want the competition that new writers bring. Thus, no "This is how i did it" stories being told. Or maybe the topic just bores everyone?

    No idea. Well, if anyone out there wants to tell their story that would be great! If not, does anyone care to comment on why they think no one has answered? That in and of itself seems an interesting thing....

    Cheers all,
  3. wsiler

    wsiler Active Member

    Or maybe this is also covered in a lot of other posts...

    Reading and searching now... Still interested in specifics if anyone has things to add...

  4. SeniorFedup

    SeniorFedup Guest

    seems like no one is at that level here.
    i have some guy who is offerring me 500 hundred for a demo for his girl. its for four songs. its not much . he tells me he will want to continue if it goes well with me .

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