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HD16CD - Digital Multi-Track Recorder ... Good/Bad???

Discussion in 'Recording' started by starverse, Jun 10, 2007.

  1. starverse

    starverse Active Member

    Hi there. Currently I am recording my my PC's Sound Card and lately have began to realise that I can not capture the true essence of the quality. So, I am looking at getting something good for recording.
    Has anyone ever used the ZOOM HD16CD??

    Right now, for the price that I am looking for, it has been the best.
  2. AxeDoctor

    AxeDoctor Member

    Yes I have

    I gave it a thorough once over, check it out here:

  3. starverse

    starverse Active Member

    Hey ...
    THANKS A Million!!!

    I am pretty Hyped up about getting it!
    Also just ordered some pro mics a "Apex" box set with a mic. and 2 compressions

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