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Headphone Impedance

Discussion in 'Recording' started by doubleJ, Sep 7, 2006.

  1. doubleJ

    doubleJ Active Member

    I'm looking at the akg 240, sennheiser 280, and koss pro4aa headphones. Most of the studio people that I know have experience with the akg and like them, but say that they are quiet and should have a headphone amp pushing them. They were saying that it has a high impedance (I think). From what the specs say, it's 55 ohms. The Senn is 64 ohms and the koss is 250 ohms.
    I was never good with impedance and power amps, except that I know you can half it and double your output, or something like that.
    I will just be hooking the headset up to the phones out on an audio interface. Would it be better to use one of the lower-number ones? Did akg change something to where they are louder now?
    The only real reason I'm looking at the koss is because of the lifetime warranty. I think that's a very cool thing. I also like that they are made in america and not malaysia or something.
  2. TVPostSound

    TVPostSound Guest

    The AKG 240 comes in 2 flavors of impedance.

    The 240M is 600 ohm, the 240 Studio is 55 ohms.

    If your headphone amp is +4 not -10, then use the 240 S.
    A home stereo headphone jack will do better with the 240 M.

    I have blown many 240Ms, but never a 240S.

    The Sennheiser 280 sound the best, but get a little uncomfortable
    over a long day.

    I cant speak for Koss, as I have noexperience with them.
  3. doubleJ

    doubleJ Active Member

    I have an M-Audio OmniStudio Usb and I don't see a +4/-10 setting, but the manual says...
    Also, the line-level i/o's have switches to select +4/-10.
  4. mpd

    mpd Guest

    I currently have a pair of AKG 271 and Senn HD280, and previously owned a pair of AKG 240M (until they melted in the trunk of my car).

    Of the three, the AKG 240M is my favorite. When I bought them there was only one style, so I can't comment on the newer low-impedance version.

    Keep in mind that the AKG 240 is a semi-open design, and the HD280 is a closed design. The HD280 isolate very well, but can be a little tiring after extended use.
  5. doubleJ

    doubleJ Active Member

    I think the isolation is good, for my use. I have 3 kids, a wife, and no soundproof room.

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