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Hello. a beginner needs help

Discussion in 'Studio Construction & Acoustics Forum' started by daniel91, Oct 26, 2008.

  1. daniel91

    daniel91 Member

    Hello guys. i am new here. :D
    well i am in a band. and after long days of thinking i decided to make a rehearsal\recording room in my house. mostly for rehearsal and too record some demos and maybe a couple of songs nothing special.

    the problem is i am completely new to this stuff and i don't know from where too start. what basic equipment i need. please consider that im low on funds. so i need only the basic stuff. but i really want to make some thing serious. and any piece of advice would be welcome.

    sorry... after reading a bit in the forum i understand that you need a specific question than this. first i want too make the room more quiet (i mean so i wont disturb my neighbors) because if i will lack the funds for recording gear at least we could put the instruments and rehears
  2. mwacoustic

    mwacoustic Member

    Where to start?

  3. DBLR

    DBLR Member

    You should check out WhisperRoom Inc. www.whisperroom.com
    They have prefab recording rooms. They are not cheap, but you get what you pay for. It would save you a lot of time and energy trying to build out your space. I have a 4X6 and love it. They have really big sizes too.
  4. RemyRAD

    RemyRAD Member

    audio engineer/video engineer/producer
    Home Page:
    Daniel, disturb your neighbors? And what proximity are you to your neighbors? Are you in a single-family home? An apartment? Townhouse? At what times of the day & night and how long will you rehearse? What days? What nights?

    If you're a death metal band, you need a bunker 100 feet underground so as not to disturb your neighbors. Think Hitler hiding place.

    So you need $50,000 to make structural improvements, at your parents have.

    And $1000 of beginner recording equipment.

    How much money you got??
    Ms. Remy Ann David
  5. Heclairs

    Heclairs Member

    Into ICT and a Producer
    Am new here and almost all the forum i visit am puzzled by the word ACCOUSTIC room, wall, this confuses me i want to be enlighten in detail of this accoustic bcos here in some part of Africa refer accoustic to a Box guitar; Accoutic mean alot do me a great help here.
  6. MadMax

    MadMax Member

    Studio Owner/Musician
    Home Page:

    What I think may be confusing you is the fact that the English language, American English in particular, is filled with words that can have several meanings.

    Yes, for "us" too, the word Acoustic can refer to a "box guitar". However, that is not what this particular forum is dedicated to. Here, in this particular corner of Recording.Org, the topic refers to spaces that are generally dedicated to music recording.

    Gonna' give you a few links to get you started on the subject of acoustics.


    I'm sure you'll have plenty of questions after visiting these sites. I'm also sure that any questions you have will be gladly answered. Just be sure to create a new topic so more folks here will see it.

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