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help building a new high end studio please :)

Discussion in 'Recording' started by fito_88, Jan 26, 2012.

  1. fito_88

    fito_88 Active Member

    hey guys , im about to start build a new home studio , and im willing to get a very professional "high-end" equipments to help me achieve a professional all around commercial material at the end.

    my main concerns would be recording/editing via midi using cubase and ableton so i need to get the very lowest latency possible with the greatest most pure sounds from an interface(with the most solid reliable drivers) , and i have a male vocal with me so i will need to get a top vocal material as well .(ps: we make any genre of music except rap)

    and only internally recording a folk/classic guitar , the rest is all midi.

    so the equipment i initially chose are:

    Rme fireface 400 or babyface blue (still cant decide)

    Novation 61 sl mkii midi controller

    Yamaha hs80m studio reference monitors

    MXL V67G or Studio Projects B1 or RODE NT1-A or Samson C03 ( so confused to choose between any of these mics)

    Beyerdynamic DT880 Pro or Sennheiser HD650 or Akg k702 (opened back headphones for recording.editing)

    Shure SRH840 or Sony 7509HD (closed-back for vocal mixing).

    so guys do u think this gear would do the job neatly in class or am i missing something?

    Would i still need an external preamps or would the built-in preamps in the ff 400 do the job in class? would the AD/DA converters in the ff 400 be enough?

    would i need an external compressor? or an effects device?
    any recommendations would be much much appreciated guys please :)

    PS: im willing to pay $3500-4000 and im using a PC and my room is acoustically treated.
  2. Montesa Audio

    Montesa Audio Active Member

    If using Cubase look at Start : MR816 Advanced Integration DSP Studio | http://www.steinberg.net/ for your sound card. I have used two of these units in my studio for a couple of years now and I am really pleased. The pre-amps sound great and they are easy and fast to work with.
    Here is a link to my studio, all the examples of band recordings are with these units. Intro - Montesa Recording studioope this helps.
  3. Montesa Audio

    Montesa Audio Active Member

    Here is a link to my studio, all the examples of band recordings are with these units. Intro - Montesa Recording studioope this helps.

    Sorry bad link. Ill try again.
    Intro - Montesa Recording studio
  4. Paul999

    Paul999 Active Member

    This post has a lot of contradictions in it. A lot of people assume you can get a high end facility for under 5k but really what you can get is a good start. If you are looking for truly professional results right away. The smart thing to do(IMO) is to get your self set up as a great tracking studio for yourself and then use a pro engineer to mix your stuff. This is where knowledge will out strip gear. For example a really good engineer will be able to pull awesome tracks out of the gear your looking at buying but I don't imagine that too many of them would choose what is on your list. I am not meaning to be a downer. A lot of people just getting into this make similar assumptions.

    Building your front end(no matter what you are doing) is really important.

    I'd look at:

    RME fireface is good
    Yamaha hs80's are okay (monitors are a big deal and something you learn over time)
    Vocal mic EV re-20
    guitar mic sm-81
    API 512c mic pre with an API lunch box

    This is one good possible front end based on my personal tastes. There are many other good ones. The "star" here is the re-20 vocal mic. It can compete against the best at a fraction of the price.

    What has been done room treatment wise?
  5. audiokid

    audiokid Staff

    Echo what Paul999 says.

    You are talking about a project studio level, not high end. But I'm sure you are capable of that but unaware of the difference. Take a breath and some solid advise.
    High End is a whole other bracket, obviously in the eyes of the beholder. To save you a lot of mystery, start discovering what high end means in Pro Audio now, not 2 years later when you told people you are a mastering engineer too. It will be humbling and very education. Right now you have dilutions of grandeur, common for people migrating from digital to acoustic music. Once you put acoustic into the mix everything changes. Get that straight to avoid fooling yourself and others in your circle.

    High End in your title gave a whole other meaning to pro audio. I've moved this to the Home Recording Forum.
  6. fito_88

    fito_88 Active Member

    thanks for the links dude , i thought this is a high end interface too :)

    but the link to ur studio is broken and i would really appreciate it if i can have a look at it , im pretty sure ill learn alot :) could you send me a working link plz thnx

    yep the other 1 worked :)
  7. fito_88

    fito_88 Active Member

    thanks for the reply mate , although i am down abit haha jks nah its just i really thought this gear was enough, but anyway thanks for your recommendations

    as for the room treatment , i got 24 auralex panels , 4 bass trapes , isolation matts and a couple of furniture to work as diffusers (as much as it can)

    so do you think the rme ff400 would deliver a professional quality and is good for midi ?

    and as for the yamaha hs80m , i know there r better out there , how about the dyn-audio bm5k or the adam a7x? would they be considered as a high end ? :D

    great vocal and guitar mics !!but i think the EV re-20 mic is stated as a broadcast mic ?? so apparently u find all my mic choices r crap true? and do u think the ff400 pres wont be enough? and can i record the guitar straight of the ff400 or wouldnt it sound good?

    another question ... is there something wrong with recording on PC , cuz apparently every high end studio uses MAC :(
  8. fito_88

    fito_88 Active Member

    ok to be honest i didnt get anything from your comment with all due respect :D but it sounds like too much of criticism to me , i know im such a newbie haha

    would help if u can explain it more in detail please with recommendation for the gear :)
  9. audiokid

    audiokid Staff

    The FF400 is dated and not "pro level" but works fine for home studios and modest tracking. The sound quality of the converters are okay and the preamps are low end. There is much better.

    Mac vs Win7 , one being more pro than the other. You can't buy a cheap mac but you can buy a cheap PC made of $*^t parts. But you can also buy a PC made of steller parts that will eat a mac up. Choose your DAW and then choose your OS. Get the fact right.
  10. audiokid

    audiokid Staff

    No problem.

    You posted in the Pro Audio Forums and used the word High End. How much money do you want to spend and what are your expectations?
  11. fito_88

    fito_88 Active Member

    great , im willing to spend 4.5 k and hopefully get a commercially competitive products at the end using what i stated above , mainly midi recording , a single guitar instrument and a male vocal
  12. fito_88

    fito_88 Active Member

    yeh i have a killer pc all up to date with 16gb of ram and win 7 64bit

    and what is a better interface than the ff400 though ? cant think of any
  13. audiokid

    audiokid Staff

    How many channels are you needing to do at one time?
  14. fito_88

    fito_88 Active Member

    2 at most :)
  15. audiokid

    audiokid Staff

    and you need preamps too, correct?
  16. fito_88

    fito_88 Active Member

    apparently since the built-ins in rme ff400 are not good enough then id say yea
  17. audiokid

    audiokid Staff

    Okay, we are still wanting high quality acoustic music correct, so we stay on the high quality path and move on while taking notes. Since you only need 2 tracks at a time, you can improve your sound level within your budget. Stay focused.

    Good preamps and a good converter are a huge part of sound. You need to understand more about preamps now. Have you looked into the cost of preamps and why people choose particular ones?
    The fireface400 is a nice converter/interface for beginners or project studios but lacks in the preamp department. They will get you by for a project studio but they are not high end. They will not produce high quality sound. Follow.
    If you invest in a good mic, the preamps must be as equal quality or you will be wasting your money and blaming other things when you start hearing things that don't sound right. Follow?

    You need to understand the fundamentals of each piece more. I'm trying to help you learn here. Are you open to this?
  18. fito_88

    fito_88 Active Member

    yes believe me i understand all these things thats why i know i have to pay big bucks in order to get quality , and my lowest link would be my cheapest part in the chain , but the thing is im not exposed to professional studios so i dont know what kinda gear would help me achieve that , thats why i need gear recommendation !

    lets start by midi , if im only going to compose/arrange music myself with a controller and DAW and plugins , would the ff400 be enough or would it be an overkill and just any normal interface would do the job?

    what are good montiors for reference

    if we jump to vocal recording its a different story i know , cuz then id need a high quality mic,preamps and converters , i just need recommendationsssss
  19. audiokid

    audiokid Staff

    If you aren't going to expect pristine sound, and only needing a few tracks at a time, but need something that will interface midi well, I would look at something with better converters, better preamps and lower latency. Try the Fireface UCX or seriously look at the new UA Apollo. Its more than you need now BUT! will be helpful when you are using plug-ins and wanting to expand. It covers it all very well.

  20. fito_88

    fito_88 Active Member

    thanks ill look for it

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