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help cube vst32 soft ware/ pro toolsle6.4 soft ware

Discussion in 'Pro Tools' started by takamineman, Jul 6, 2005.

  1. takamineman

    takamineman Guest

    hi every one out there in studio land iv upgraded some time ago to m bx pro t LE 6.4 from audigy 2 for better converters+ card it does sound good .but the edit side of pro t soft ware is a night mare i can see if u just want to chop some thing of the audio wave-thats cool .but as far asfine editing the cube wins hands down -with scizzors+a line marker that goes down the page that u can see to mark the exact spot u want to cut. so i record through m box onto cube vst 32 soft ware there is no sound q diff as apposed to rec onto pro sft ware + midi is crap. cube midi good. i can allso transfere my finished edited tracks individualy from cube back to pro tools LE to transfere compleat page to a pro studio for further process . can any one give me a definate reason apart from its the industrys standard as to why i should rec +edit on pt le +if i up graded to a newwer pt sft would it be easer to edit with .allso anothr q has any one noticed that on cube when u cut the audio track it jumps forward just afraction say a quarter of a millimeter off the line marker.evenwhen u mix down the audio track it shifts slightly forward when comparing it agaainst the orig track u mixed down off . so iv been manualy shifting the compleat new edited track a fraction back against the orig old track untill the wave forms match this is driving me nuts do i need to do this or does the computor compensate for the timing? iv sent a couple of e mails to creative aud but have got no responce . any body know?

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