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Help... music contract advice.

Discussion in 'Studio Lounge' started by StereoBoxJosh, Dec 18, 2007.

  1. Hi.

    I've been on this forum reading and learning for a while now... it has helped me tremendously with recording issues, etc. Well, I turn to it yet again. After recording a few songs with my band, I've been promoting the band via myspace on a low level just kind of lolligagg'n along. Well I just got a message from lady from Zoomoozik online label interested in the band. The message read as follows:

    "Hey Guys,

    I’m on your myspace page and just listened to “Cascades”… I’m into it. Are you ready to take your music career to the next level??? If so I could help…

    My name is Wendy and I work in Artist Development for Zoomoozik.com, the World’s first digital record label. Please take this opportunity to call me directly. There is a lot I would like to discuss, so allow yourself enough time for us to chat about bringing you on as a potential Zoomoozik Artist.

    Call me so we can chat… My direct line is..."

    blah blah blah... she goes on to put her contact information and website stuff. Anyways the website is Zoomoozik.com and i'm really hesitant to contact her further. I read into the company, read their contract terms (very little), and everything looks legit, including incredible website design... As of right now, I'm thinking about just blowing her off, but promotion and such would be awesome...

    Input? Suggestions? Guidance?

    Your help would be much appreciated.

  2. bent

    bent No Bad Vibes! Well-Known Member

    Sounds to me like just another MP3.com clone.
    They do have some 'names' on the corporate side.

    Was there any mention of a 'package deal' in the message you got, like:
    CLUB PACKAGE - Free to any artist
    STADIUM PACKAGE - $295 one time fee?
  3. nope, she simply outlined the company and told me to call her to discuss it further... here's the full message:

    Hey Guys,

    I’m on your myspace page and just listened to “Cascades”… I’m into it. Are you ready to take your music career to the next level??? If so I could help…

    My name is Wendy and I work in Artist Development for Zoomoozik.com, the World’s first digital record label. Please take this opportunity to call me directly. There is a lot I would like to discuss, so allow yourself enough time for us to chat about bringing you on as a potential Zoomoozik Artist.

    Call me so we can chat… My direct line is (978) 279-9934 Ext. 208.

    Read more about Zoo below!

    Wendy Filosi

    Bringing years of experience in the industry from all over the world we welcome you to Zoomoozik!!!

    • Keep ALL RIGHTS to your music
    • NON EXCLUSIVE contract
    • Earn royalty payments monthly
    • Get Worldwide distribution
    • Sell your RINGTONES & MP3’s
    • Satellite Radio Play
    • Soundscan Reporting
    • Public Relations and Marketing support
    • Professional Career Reviews
    • A&R staff support

    Read the Background on Zoomoozik to learn about who we are, where we come from and where we are headed!

    Welcome to the ZOO!

    Artist Development

    Direct Line: (978) 279.9934 Ext. 208
    Cell Phone: 617.669.6940
    Email: wendy.filosi@zoomoozik.com
    Website: http://www.zoomoozik.com

    Your Music, Your Label

    Testimonials (link)

    Accomplishments (link)

    The first song on our myspace is "cascades," so I don't doubt the she actually listened to us... but everything following the first line looks copy/pasted. Honestly though, our recordings aren't that good, which is what makes me question the whole thing. We recorded our songs with a total of 3 or 4 under $100 microphones....

    Their testimonials are quite convincing, and i did some research on the company... it was started in january of this year.

    I also read the contract terms of the website and it sounds almost completely alien to me =(
  4. bent

    bent No Bad Vibes! Well-Known Member

    Call her.
    See if there's a sales pitch.

    You can always say "no".
  5. :shock: call her!?!?

    That's scary!!!! Maybe if it was a guy I'd do it, I'm completely susceptible to the voice of a woman. I'm thinking I'll just reply to her asking what I would have to do next... she what she sais. From what you saw, do you think it's worth looking into? What are some of the negatives (from an artist standpoint) of coming to an agreement with such a company?
  6. What are your goals as a band? If you "specifically" understand what you want to do and why that will help.

    What I see is:
    • Keep ALL RIGHTS to your music
    • NON EXCLUSIVE contract

    And then they are advertising for you. Questions I would have are "What do they get?" and then "What do we get?" and "Is the cost they charge worth it?" or "Can I do it myself?"

    Depending on the processes they have in place they may be able to help you save "time" which can be of value. Only you would know which is why I asked about your goals initially.


    So I would not worry at all about that.

    The issue is probably not so much if they can screw you or if they are lame. The bigger concern is understanding your business plan and whether they can really help you achieve your goals and its not something you can do yourself.

    Hope this helps.

    Best Regards!
  7. MadTiger3000

    MadTiger3000 Active Member

    My instinct tells me it's a money scheme more than a music business.

    They hit everybody up and tell them how they would make a great model/singer/actor/dancer, and all they need to do is $$$$.

    Not that your music isn't good enough. Just beware, like everyone else is saying.
  8. I registered here to basically discuss this as well. I recently got something on January 2nd, 2008.

    Here is the letter I received:

    Immediately I went to their webpage and it does look okay but the artists on there that I could find were nothing like my style of music. I do a lot of experimental screamo/harsh noise and I get this feeling the song wasn't actually listened to. My music isn't promoted at all, I never play show, I'm on a label, a little DIY label that a friend of mine runs and we are all in it just for the fun, and the stuff we write is targeted at very few people.

    Anyways, I did a google search and found this forum thread another thing I found was a few pages saying the same exact "signed" news except the band name was changed, which seemed a little sketchy.

    I decided not to respond but he just emailed me again today

    I sent an email back asking whats a good time to call and I'll see more of what's going on. I'm not interested in signing at all but for some reason this place just seems a little sketchy.

    Anyways, MadTiger3000, let me know how it pans out for you.

  9. Also forgot to add, reading the background just sounded more like a lame press release then anything. The only bands I could locate are the top 20 bands. I would like a list of more well known artists (not have to big label but for example bands on level-plane, or something to that effect)
  10. bent

    bent No Bad Vibes! Well-Known Member

    I don't think it's a scam, but I don't think that it's necessarily the great new idea that they purport it to be, either. Are everyday folks gonna go to this site, as opposed to Myspace and the like, looking for bands? Like I said earlier, I think it's just another variation of MP3.com - you join, upload your songs, they make cd's and charge whatever they want, and give you a little piece of the action. For a price, they'll bump your music up in their online "catalog" making it easier to find in a search (or on a weekly "spotlight on the artist" banner ad), and possibly throw a song or two on a compilation... The difference between MP3.com and this one is I don't recall anyone being courted by the former. Think quick: How many bands do you know that have "made it" due to their involvement in such websites?
    1? 3? Zero?
    How many have networked through Myspace and put mini tours together, or have booked a couple one offs with out of towners, reaping the rewards that entails?
    I know quite a few who have done just that.
    I'm not saying this to disparage Zoomoozik, quite the opposite - the more the merrier!
    I'm just saying that putting a new paint job on an old car doesn't make it run any better.

    Here's something that makes me laugh, going back to the emails you guy's have posted:
    What this tells me is that they will never support you financially.

    Man, I'm cynical, huh?
  11. I don't expect any financial support from them. You are probably right it, it's just another MP3.com clone or something to that effect. I've never heard of Red Dragon Studios either to be honest.

    You are right about the bands, most independent artists typically will allow their stuff to be download for free (hell, most will even send you the stuff if you just email them). I don't really expect Zoomoozik is even making that much money, it's probably just a few people and they added the Affliate ID's, etc. to sound professional. None of those bands on their page I recognize.
  12. bent

    bent No Bad Vibes! Well-Known Member

    Red Dragon Studios appears to be a place owned by Craig Martin - the Guitarist of Drama Addict, ex - Guns & Roses, among others.

    Not much info on the website...

    But that's beside the point.
    MP3.com was a good idea at the time. I've posted stuff on there for the bands I used to work with - it never really got us anything. I know people checked us out and downloaded songs, but it never changed our lives.
    Of course, if a few people got to listen to some new stuff they hadn't heard before, and dug it, I certainly can't complain!
  13. Yeah, I feel you guys... I never pursued anything. It seems like a lot of work and stress for nothing...
  14. boston_anon

    boston_anon Guest

    I know this thread is dated but I just came across it and wanted to add my two cents. I actually used to work for zoomoozik a few months back in their artists development department. I no longer work there so hopefully you'll trust that I'm being honest. Zoomoozik is definately not a scam, however they do promise every single band they talk to the world and the truth is it probably won't happen. Basically the qualifications to get contact by zoomoozik is to have a myspace page with a few hundred plays on it. Sorry if you don't feel special anymore. The line of thinking down there is even unknown bands can buy their package. This isn't to say that it's a scam however, they do come through on things like press releases and EPK's and things like that nature. The only problem is that everything is still up to the band to have them go anywhere. Everything pretty much rests on the band to get your name out there and generate traffic to your zoomoozik page. My honest advice, don't do the package where you have to pay, if your band is doing well enough to make that package work for you, you probably already have another label behind you. But the 'club deal' that they offer is a good deal. You don't pay and you get to sell your songs. They won't promote you but throw a link up on your myspace and maybe you'll make a few bucks.

    On a last note I'll say this, it's certainly a legit operation. The industry names they use on the site are not just there for show, they are in fact running zoomoozik, and it is staffed with honest reputable people so believe me, they're not trying to scam anyone. Just keep your feet planted in reality with your expectations.
  15. Dr_Willie_OBGYN

    Dr_Willie_OBGYN Active Member

    What is this company bringing to the table that you can't do already on your own? I doubt much of anything.
    Amazon will sell anyone's CD when you sign up for their "advantage" program. They charge you a $30 yearly fee and they pocket an outlandish 55%, but that's about the same as you'd do via a distributor supplying online retailers.
    If you want to set up your own web site (easy) and do your own shipping then use ccnow.com. You copy and paste html code to your "order page". Ccnow takes credit card orders as well as orders funded via PayPal and ccnow only takes about a 10% fee, which is a lot cheaper than setting up a merchant account for most artists. Ccnow also reports to SoundScan.
    Then if you want to sell digital downloads you can set up an account with TuneCore.com and pick and choose which sites you want your songs to be sold via.

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