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Help Picking a mixer please!

Discussion in 'Recording' started by latinboy642003, Sep 14, 2010.

  1. latinboy642003

    latinboy642003 Active Member

    Purpose of the mixer: 1. To record my drumset at home 2. To mic a Christian band in live settings and/or church.

    Load: 4-10 Drums mics, micing two guitar amps, Bass guitar, acoustic guitar, 4 vocals, Piano/synth

    these are the ones i have been looking at. tell me what you think please.

    Allen & Heath ZED-24 Mixer
    Yamaha MG206CUSB Mixer
    Behringer XENYX XL2400 Live Mixer

    And the ones mentioned below.

    And whats the big difference besides the amount of channels on these:
    Allen & Heath ZED-428 Mixer
    Allen & Heath ZED-420 Mixer
  2. jg49

    jg49 Well-Known Member

    Zed428 is 24 Channels Zed420 is 16, take the Xenyx out of consideration they are junk.
  3. Davedog

    Davedog Distinguished Member

    The A&H is the 'better' choice.....the Yamaha is the 'better' bang-for-the-buck but doesnt have the headroom of the A&H. The Xenyx makes a great doorstop.

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