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Help?! What I Need: Interfaces? Mixers? Monitors?

Discussion in 'Converters / Interfaces' started by EricHarbin, Mar 23, 2010.

  1. EricHarbin

    EricHarbin Guest

    Hey guys,

    Sorry to make another Interface/Mixer thread, however me and a few friends are doing a podcast, and I want to make sure that we have or will have all of the necessary equipment. We are just recording our voices, no instruments or anything like that, and we want to use two microphones to record because of comfort and our own personal preferences. Here is what we currently have:

    What We Have

    2 Shure PG48 Vocal Microphones
    2 Microphone Stands
    2 Pop Filters
    1 UCA222 U-Controlled Beringer (probably useless for us, but my friend already had it lol)
    2 pairs of studio headphones.
    A variety of softwares, ranging from Audacity to SoundForge

    We are going to be recording into my laptop, so we need something with USB capabilities. I took a printscreen of my operating system if its any help:


    I am aware that we are missing a few necessary (and expensive) pieces of equipment. I've heard a lot about Interfaces, Mixers, and Monitors, however I don't exactly know which ones we are going to need. We are on a low budget, however we can stretch it as much as possible if need be. Do we need just an audio interface to plug our microphones into, and do we need mixers and monitors? Basically, I just want to know how to record two people talking using two separate microphones, and can it be done with my laptop? Thanks for all of your help guys!

    EDIT: We may have guests on, and use more microphones. I don't know the average amount of microphone inputs in interfaces, however it should be preferably 3+. Thanks :)
  2. TheJackAttack

    TheJackAttack Distinguished Member

    What is your budget for this 4 mic setup (they don't come in threes)? Podcasting by it's nature is not pc-host intensive. It's just speech. Most podcasts are not live but rather recorded and edited prior to "broadcast"-essentially listed on a website or youtube or whatever.

    You will either need a small mixer or small broadcast mixer in order to utilize the Beh#$%#$ UCA222 (four mic into one L/R main) or skip that and get a 4 preamp interface. Either way is doable. A four mic preamp interface is going to start about $400 and up. You could run something like the Yamaha MG82CX ($160ish) and run out of that into the UCA222. I don't guarantee the Yamaha isn't noisy because I've never used one.

    I have some acquaintances that do a podcast via skype conference calls. I don't know how they record the calls but it is a weekly podcast so they manage somehow.
  3. EricHarbin

    EricHarbin Guest

    Maybe I was unclear. We are going to be recording the show onto my laptop, and post it up later.
  4. TheJackAttack

    TheJackAttack Distinguished Member

    Again, budget?
  5. leopoldolopes

    leopoldolopes Active Member

    the most important thing on this project is as TheJackAttac asks your Budget!!! So???
  6. EricHarbin

    EricHarbin Guest

    $200-300 preferably. But it can be stretched out.
  7. Guitarfreak

    Guitarfreak Well-Known Member

    Hueseph had a good point in your last thread. You could do it with a single omnidirectional USB mic. But since you state that you already have two PG48's, why not buy one more and a four channel interface? It's entirely up to you.

    What is an interface? Nothing more than a way to get signal from one place to another. What to look for in an interface? XLR inputs, at least as many as you need for your particular purpose. Individual preamps (as many as there are XLR inputs) And Digital outs (USB or FireWire). And that's it, all other knobs and buttons are cream on the top.

    Oh, and having the word Behringer on it is never a good thing...
  8. EricHarbin

    EricHarbin Guest

    I am highly confused now...

    I emailed the people over at EMU because I got a recommendation for one of their products. Can somebody please elaborate on what internally recording is, and if I can record at all via the 0404 using other softwares?
  9. TheJackAttack

    TheJackAttack Distinguished Member

    Recording internally means for instance recording something playing in a media player or itunes or system sounds etc. The EMU 0404 is compatible with every DAW of which I am aware.
  10. Guitarfreak

    Guitarfreak Well-Known Member

    The fact that you mentioned you were going to be using PG48's and the guy didn't mention that the 0404 doesn't have XLR inputs should be a major red flag. I'm just saying.

    Looking over the product description on the website I also don't see any way of controlling input gain. This might be done within the application software though.
  11. EricHarbin

    EricHarbin Guest

    My search continues. Glad I checked on these forums first. Can somebody please tell me how I can easily plug two microphones into an interface and record on my computer for around $200 dollars, or can it be done?
  12. Guitarfreak

    Guitarfreak Well-Known Member

    PreSonus AudioBox USB | Sweetwater.com

    Only two now? Your other friend quit or something?
  13. EricHarbin

    EricHarbin Guest

    No. The 3rd member of our team is learning to edit and produce a show, and he does not have the radio aspirations as me and Dave (one of the co-hosts). He doesn't want to talk as much as we do, so he has opted to share a microphone with Dave, and we are going to split the "talking content" of the show 40-40-20. He will be doing more of the behind the scenes stuff, while me and Dave and I blabber endlessly. The three of us are still amped up and ready to do the show.

    So that is the only piece of equipment we are missing? Thank you so much for your help

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