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Help with a post production piece

Discussion in 'Recording' started by Drewslum, Mar 8, 2009.

  1. Drewslum

    Drewslum Active Member

    I'm an audio production student working on a post piece that is giving me a bit of trouble. My project is to replace all of the sound (including dialog) from a Hollywood scene. The goal is to get as close to the original sound as possible. The clip is from Indiana Jones and the Crystal Skull.

    I have a link below of the approximate scene and although it would be ideal to have better sound quality, this is the only link I could find.


    The sounds I am having trouble with are the air raid siren. It is an important part of the scene that I would like to do well on.

    The second sound I am having trouble with is the sound that happens right as the shot changes from the town exploding to the car driving away. My teacher said that it sounds like analog delay feeding back into itself.

    I am able to use sample libraries and to record my own sounds.

    Any suggestions on how I can achieve these would be greatly appreciated.

  2. Space

    Space Well-Known Member

    The siren you want is a World War 2 air raid siren.

    Like this:
  3. MadTiger3000

    MadTiger3000 Active Member

    That other sound is interesting.

    When I heard it I thought it was a reverb spring. Heavily effected, of course.
  4. UncleBob58

    UncleBob58 Active Member

    There are quite a few elements happening simultaneously, so it's hard to hear clearly. Kind of a howling wind sound. It could also be "dry ice" sounds. A large sheet of metal is heated and pieces of dry ice are placed on it. Some of the weirdest sounds you've ever heard.

    Of course, it could be the way various sounds interacted within an effects chain.
  5. Drewslum

    Drewslum Active Member

    Nice. I'll try and experiment with these ideas. I did find an air raid siren from


    Hopefully I'll find something that works.

    Thanks a lot for the help.

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