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Help with Korg nano kontrol in PT9

Discussion in 'Recording' started by theycallmebrown, Apr 8, 2011.

  1. theycallmebrown

    theycallmebrown Active Member

    So i bought the Korg nano kontrol, its awesome and i have it set up and working. BUT i want to be able to edit its functions. for example, the way i have it set up is according to the only setup guide online i could find, where he has already mapped out each button and you just need to load it in the editor... but i want to be able to set it so that each top button corresponds with the fader its on and acts as a solo button, and likewise with the bottom button being a mute button.

    does anyone know how to edit these paramaters? or at least know where i can find out how to map it myself? i need the cc values or whatever...

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