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Help With Mixer XLR Outputs Not Working

Discussion in 'Recording' started by sgonwa, Oct 8, 2006.

  1. sgonwa

    sgonwa Guest

    I am dealing with an older analog Tascam M208 8 channel mixer. It has 8 channel faders, four program faders 1,2,3 and 4 and two stereo master faders. It then has program assign buttons for each of the 8 channels so that either program 1-2 or 3-4 can be selected for each channel. My problem:

    The RCA jack outputs for the eight channels all work properly. The 1/4" plug outputs for stereo L and R work properly. The XLR outputs for programs 3 and 4 work properly. But the XLR outputs for programs 1 and 2 do not work. In addition, the XLR stereo outputs are not working.

    So some XLR outputs work properly and others don't. Can someone advise what type of technical problem could result in some of these XLR outputs not working ? Is it a mechanical problem or could it be a settings problem ? Assume that it is not a cable problem. I am not very familiar with mixers so any help would be appreciated.

  2. TeddyG

    TeddyG Well-Known Member

    1. Do you have the operator manual?

    2. If not, can you get one?

    3. Is it "pretty darned old" - "beat", as it were?

    4. Are you handy with a soldering iron? I once opened-up an old board and went through/touched-up all the I/O connections for an old board and made it work just swell, during a concert I was running - don't tell my boss! Oh, yeah, it was his console, so I told him - nevermind.). Best tool for diagnosing bad connections is a magnifying glass.

    6. Do you have any recording studios in your area you could call and ask who might take a look at such a thing? Even the local radio station might have an engineer who would ag least offer some advice - most I know would take a look at it - maybe for a price..?

    7. Unless someone WITH one "sees" a problem from your posted description(Wrong button pushed, whatever), I'd take it somewhere...

  3. dementedchord

    dementedchord Well-Known Member

    teddy's got ya staryed but imo if ya have to ask... it's time to see the doc...
  4. dementedchord

    dementedchord Well-Known Member

    teddy's got ya started but imo if ya have to ask... it's time to see the doc...
  5. sgonwa

    sgonwa Guest

    Thanks for the responses. I've done some more searching and apparently there are some quirks in this partiicular mixer regarding the internal buses. I have a few things to try and then will take your advice and seek out a tech for assistance.

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