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Discussion in 'Tracking / Mixing / Editing' started by Mice256, Aug 16, 2011.

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    i was interested in purchasing a mixer, but i would like one that i can route audio from Pro Tools 9 back into the mixer so i can mix outside the box. i was looking into the mackie 1640 but am unsure if i can be done with that mixer. which mixer would allow me to this without buying an SSL or NEVE(though that would be awesome)?

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    Any mixer with direct outs should do. Be sure you get one that you can switch the EQ section in and out and that the aux buses have some choices about pre and post fader. For some reason this seems to becoming popular. I'm not sure if its the information on the net about what so & so producer did on such and such a record, but usually when they do this its through a console that adds something to the signal. I'm not sure the Mackie qualifies.....I have a Ghost and I wouldnt think of using it like this. I would consider running tracks back through selected outboard but even then, you try and get it right from the beginning.

    If this is one of those deals where you think this is going to 'warm up' your tracks, then you need to set a higher point to accomplish that. Nothing less than a Toft or something of that nature.
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    hey thanks for the reply! So if the direct outs go into the DAW where would i connect the returns signals to get the tracks back to the mixer?

    thanks again!
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    You don't say what audio interface you are using with PT9, or how many channels you need. I generally avoid using PT, but at least with PT9 you are not restricted to a Digidesign or M-Audio box.

    I have done similar mixing to what you are describing but with an Allen & Heath Zed-R16. By using the FireWire interface in the mixer and the internal D-A and A-D converters, you can perform a full analog mix with re-capture of the two-track output back into the DAW without having to be concerned about the sonic quality of your native computer audio interface. The Zed-R16 is somewhat limited in bus and Aux capability in the general way that Dave mentioned, but the EQ is excellent and there is scope for introduction of effects. As an analog mixer, the Zed-R16 is not in the SSL or Neve league (or price bracket), but IMO it is in the league above the Mackie.
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    The Onyx 1640 will do 16 in and out of the computer with the Firewire card to let you mix in analog. I've heard that it is a pretty good sounding board, probably competitive with the A&H stuff at the same price level.
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    nice! thanks for the replies. my friend has a mackie 1640(not the 1640i). i will try to see if it works. as far as interface, i was looking at the apogee symphony(hence why i can't spend a lot on a mixer). i'm just building up my little home studio piece by piece. i always thought a mixer had to have outputs and inputs to return the tracks to the mixer. to be honest i'm still confused on how to connect any mixer so that the individual tracks can go back into the mixer for hands on mixing. i forgot all about tridents! i'll have to save up lol

    any further help is appreciated!


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