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Help with my Audiophile 2496

Discussion in 'Recording' started by carterthegreat, Nov 26, 2004.

  1. I decided to try to get into home recording to record my band. I bought myself an Audiophile 2496 soundcard. I already have a Studiomaster Club 2000 mixer. I'm wondering if I can hook these 2 up to my PC as I'm having a few problems.

    Whenever I record using Cakewalk Homestudio 2002 the sound comes out really muffled. I have to turn the gain right up on my mixer to get it to record any decent level of sound. I've tried adjusting the levels in the M Audio delta control panel but this appears to have no impact either way. If I mute the levels this doen't even stop the sound coming out. I think I must have set something up wrong somewhere but I can't see where. In control panel I have the Sound Playback set to M-Audio Delta AP and Sound recording set to M-Audio Delta AP. Please help its driving me nuts!!! I'm using Windows XP on a 1.7 gig P4 with 256MB ram

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