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Help With Purchase Decision! Please Comment!

Discussion in 'Recording' started by j3st3r781, Apr 12, 2007.


??? Setup #1 or Setup #2 ???

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  1. j3st3r781

    j3st3r781 Guest

    I need some help! I tried asking the guys at Guitar Center but all they do is want to sell me something... The people at Daddy's Junky Music don't know anything. I am looking to upgrade my recording rig really soon but I'm confused about which route to take. My rig now consists of Pro Tools M-Powered, 2 X M-Audio Delta 66's with Omni Breakout boxes. I run the TRS Direct Outs on my Behringer 24 Channel mixer to the TRS ins on the omni's giving me 8 simultaneous inputs using my boards XLR preamps. I also have an M-Audio Midi Sport 2x2 USB interface for my keyboarding needs. Anyway my questions are with what setups I list what will be the best choice. I record mostly rock bands and some occasional hip hop artists. Heres what I've limited my options to...

    1) M-Audio Delta 1010 (8 channels in 8 channels out with MIDI)
    Front End: Behringer Mixer's Direct TRS outs to the 8 Ins on the 1010. Being PCI with Breakout I have the reliability of realtime playback
    (same configuration now just 1 interface instead of 3)

    2) M-Audio ProjectMix (8 ins and 2 outs (8 XLR pre's, 8 TRS with MIDI)
    Front End:Loose the Behringer and use the Pre's on the ProjectMix or keep the Mixer for additional front end EQ releiving the CPU's strain. Gain hands on mix feel with automation!!! Being firewire I'm concerned about lag or playback delay with 8 Channels simultaneously

    Any comments will be greatly appreciated I just have no other options or people to ask about this stuff. Price wise the 1010 is better because there like $300 and I can keep my mixer but if the ProjectMix is better I'll sell off everything else and buy the ProjectMix.Thanks!

    ps: my computer is as follows

    G4 Powermac
    Dual 1.42GHZ Processor
    2 GB RAM (max)
    2 x 120GB SATA recording drives
    1 x 120 GB system drive
    2 x Firewire
    1 x Firewire800

    Pro Tools M-Powered 7.1
    Bias Peak Pro

    Please Help!!!
  2. j3st3r781

    j3st3r781 Guest

  3. Link555

    Link555 Well-Known Member

    Do you like the Behringer 24 Channel mixer, I mean does it sound ok to you?
    If so go with the 1010

    If not buy the other M-Audio ProjectMix.

    What is your budget?
  4. j3st3r781

    j3st3r781 Guest

    My budget is big enough to buy the Project Mix which is like $1,000 but I mean as far as sound quality and ease of use what should I do... I'm comfortable working with my Behringer and it EQ's really nicely but I usually end up using a plugin EQ on all the tracks anyway... and Im assuming the Project mix has better sounding preamps than my $250 mixer....
  5. Link555

    Link555 Well-Known Member

    hard to say there is a lot of hype out there very little fact.

    $1000 for 8 inputs eh.....





  6. j3st3r781

    j3st3r781 Guest

    not just 8 inputs... completely automated with moving faders and assignable control knobs to change things like EQ and Levels instead of doing with your mouse...
  7. Link555

    Link555 Well-Known Member

    I would worry more about the pre and A/D then the automation personally. But it sounds like you really want the M-Audio ProjectMix. It does have a lot of bells and whistles. I guess it depends on where you main priorities lay; sound or all in one solution?
  8. j3st3r781

    j3st3r781 Guest

    would it be wrong to assume that the A/D converters and the pre amps in the project mix would be better than the 1010's and what about latency with firewire (projectmix) as opposed to a pci card with breakout box (1010)
  9. Link555

    Link555 Well-Known Member

    Actually I would think that the A/D would be about the same, but the firewire might cause serious issues. I am a little biased in that area, and I have nothing against M-audio.

    I had bought 2 RME firefaces about 2 years ago I guess, and could not get them to work reliably. That means that there was a error once in a while, like maybe once a month or so. I can be pretty picky. In fact they caused more grief then I wanted, so I sold them and bought a Lynx L22 PCI card and Cranesong Hedd 192 for my A/D. I went from 16 analog INS to 2 and I have never been happier! What I lost in I/O I gained 10 fold in sound quality. What a world of difference!
  10. Jeremy

    Jeremy Active Member

    Dont buy a piece of hardware for something like it has flying faders. Buy it for whats under the hood. A mackie onyx 1640 is right about in your range and will tapdance around that delta 1010. I am a huge fan of ebay, and I would shop there. Dont buy from the links on the above post the presonus firepod msrp is $499, Mr. lee is selling them for $100 over msrp, at $599.

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