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help with set up please

Discussion in 'Recording' started by nackattack, Feb 5, 2005.

  1. nackattack

    nackattack Guest

    hello I am new to the forum and believe it or not have ran quite a few searches. I am just wondering what the best setup would be for my compressor to get the fullest sound out of my condensor mic. I have no preamp yet but have experimented with feeding the mic to behringer mixer then through fender amplifier out to the behringer compressor and into computer via audiophile 2496. I will be getting a tube pre amp as soon as possible, but for now in order to "warm up" my voice i use the guitar amps reverb. any suggestions on gate setting and ratio setting for compressor for best vocal sound sound? Also since I am just begining but very anal, will I be happy with a presonus tube pre for now or should I save for something better. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  2. nackattack

    nackattack Guest

    please any help would be great, my voice sounds very flat and I have tried to give it more bass but that doesn't seem to help. I love the dynamic enhanser function but it give the overall voice too much treble. Is there a way to add edge to your voice using these tools or am I just stuck with choir sounding 14 year old voice..(i am 23)

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