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Hi, Im new here...

Discussion in 'Recording' started by willieturnip, Mar 28, 2007.

  1. willieturnip

    willieturnip Guest

    Just thought I would let everyone know about my recent purchases :p

    I wanted a studio for recording, gut it had to be "portable". I often record at my mates house, so I needed to be able to get everything over there to record.

    I grabbed myself a macbook; I needed a laptop for school anyway, and i really love the whole mac experience :p.

    Then I got behringer 1204FX, an sm58, and a pair of behringer C-2's. All of which I am really pleased with! The sm58 is lovely for vocals, and the C-2's are pretty damn good all rounders considering I payed about 40 quid for the pair! :p

    The behringer mixing desk is a dream to use and I think its a bargain at a few pounds over the 100 mark.

    Overall I'm very pleased with it all and am loving not having to book in a session at a proper studio and doing it myself :D.

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