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Home Studio Setup!!!

Discussion in 'Recording' started by Jarci, Jun 13, 2008.

  1. Jarci

    Jarci Active Member

    Im lookin to upgrade my home studio. Right now i have a yamaha DGX 88 key keyboard. Laptop that don't have enoghu memory just enough to run Reason 3.0, Tascam us 122 some mics and samson speakers. I want to get a Mac laptop just for recording (no internet using), reason 4, zoom hd16cd. Now will this zoom hd16 allow me to record music from the interface directly to my Mac?? Instead of to the zoom it's self then transfering. Or will the M-Audio
    ProjectMix IO Control Surface do the job??

  2. hackenslash

    hackenslash Active Member

    Why the Mac and the Zoom? You're looking at two tools that can do the same job, but by comparison the Zoom is extremely limited.

    Get your mac and an interface that comes bundled with a limited edition of one of the multitrack apps. Cubase LE is very friendly, and oes all that the Zoom does and an awful lot more. It's also expandable, in terms of being able to run Instrument plugings ofr real drums, etc.
  3. Space

    Space Well-Known Member

    That ProjectMix IO Control Surface looks nice.
  4. Amnesia180

    Amnesia180 Guest

    The HD16 comes with Cubase LE. No you can't record to your mac using the zoom as an interface, but you CAN drag and drop the .wav file from your particular channel on the zoom. And then you can use the zoom as a controller for all the different sliders etc.
  5. Jarci

    Jarci Active Member

    well i was hoping that the zoom would be able to record directly to my computer but "Amnesia180" cleared that up!!
    Do you know what interface is capable of recording direclt to the computer (somthing like the Tascam us122) but with at least 8 xlr's??
    I think to project mix does the job but im not sure!
  6. Jarci

    Jarci Active Member

    yea i really like it!!!! Im just hoping it does what i really want it to do! Record atleast 6 ppl or instruments at the same time to my computer!! IF so im getting it! Ill keep that for life!

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