Hooking PA system up to Portastudio?

Discussion in 'Location Recording' started by alex0203, Mar 26, 2009.

  1. alex0203

    alex0203 Guest

    How do I hook up my PA system up to my Tascam DP-02?
  2. RemyRAD

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    No, wait I know the answer to this one? Cables! Yeah use cables. Cables with little thingies on both ends.

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  3. jg49

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    No Remy you buy it a bottle of cheap red wine, turn down the lights, play some Sinatra and leave them alone for a couple of hours they'll hook-up. The only problem is that nine months later your PA will be having monitors.


    Remy's idea might actually work, dagnabit!

    If you are trying to playback from Tasc through a SOS (speakers on sticks) powered mixer you simply hookup your line output L&R (on the back) to the "tape in" with RCA "CABLES". If you are trying to use your PA as a mixer (ugh...I hear noise levels) then take the tape out RCA jacks L&R to 1/4" male ends into the inputs on the Tasc set to line not mic.

    If on the other hand you mean a 32 channel digital mixing desk that is being used at the Civic Center I guess you might... oh pretty much the same thing.

    This is probably covered somewhere in your manual believe it or not.
  4. alex0203

    alex0203 Guest

    thanks for being assholes about it.
  5. RemyRAD

    RemyRAD Well-Known Member

    OK then to be more precise, line level outputs can go to your recorder. Speaker outputs only go to speakers not to recorders.

    The output from the recorder can go into low level line or unbalanced instrument inputs, not into microphone inputs.

    Appropriate adapters will in all likelihood be required to get from here to there and back. All of which are available at your local Radio Shaft and/or music store of your choice.

    It is also at your music store and/or local bookstore where you can find more magazines & information on recording & PA systems.

    Further specifics such as what type of PA system would have meant for more thorough explanations. But no, you're not even educated enough to think about that.

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  6. jg49

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    Hey do you have a sense of humor?
    I know it is hard on the net to get how someone means something no facial expression, tone of voice, etc, but....

    Your question was incredibly vague, really. What PA? Playback? Recording? Though I did honestly try and answer your question and sorry if you didn't get the humor.

    Hey Remy, Jethro Bodine (Max Baer Jr,) was my neighbor growing up, nothing dumb about ole Jethro, made a lot of money that boy did! Aint you never et sum possum pie? Good with knishes. :roll:
  7. pmolsonmus

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    If we're talking about Jethro then we need to discuss the gozintas.

    The line level output gozinta the input or the insert gozinta the input

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  8. Greener

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    "Ellie Mae gozinta the cement pond and everybody wanted to watch her do so."

    Is that a cement pond full of water or a pond full of cement?
  9. rockstardave

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    hahaha, cables!

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