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How can I test the frequency response of my speakers?

Discussion in 'Monitoring / Headphones' started by InsaneGenius, Sep 16, 2007.

  1. InsaneGenius

    InsaneGenius Active Member

    Is there software or something that I can use to see what the frequency response of my speakers are? Like say I do a full spectrum sweep, I want to know what frequencies are being boosted/cut by the speakers. Is there some way to do this?

    I basically want to eventually have an eq setting that compensates for the speakers so I have a flat response. This will hopefully give me something to learn with so I can save up for better monitors.

  2. InsaneGenius

    InsaneGenius Active Member

  3. Kent L T

    Kent L T Active Member

    Well... although I do not know what speakers you are using but, I believe you are looking at this the wrong way. Your room is likely what you need to be testing not your speakers. Eqing the room though will lead to an inaccurate picture of your mixes. You would "adjust" your room by treating it with various types of acoustical treatment not eq. As an example my room before I treated it had large peaks from 40hz up to 90hz but I also had a null spot where 117hz disappeared. After setting up a few bass traps and panels to catch the first reflections that I got through Realtraps my peaks are considerably less and the null spot is almost totally gone and the details that I can hear in the room have increased.

    This is what I used to find out how my room sounded.
    I just set up the most linear mic I had at the mixing position and recorded the tones that I played back through my monitors. Once you are done you can look at the wave file you recorded and compare it to the original and see where your problems are.

    The problem with trying to eq the room is that some peaks are in between bands on your eq so if you adjust the eq to bring down that frequency the others around it are now too low and you have done more damage than good. The same is true for nulls if you try to bring them up then other frequencies around it will be too high.

    Since you posted this in the budget forum You can try and eq things but these will be the issues you run into. Even if you can't treat your room just knowing where your peaks and nulls are will help you out. You can learn your room and mix accordingly.
  4. InsaneGenius

    InsaneGenius Active Member

    Kent - That is a very helpful reply. Thank you very much.

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