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How do I get a smoother warmer sound out of my u87?

Discussion in 'Converters / Interfaces' started by stizzo, Jan 1, 2006.

  1. stizzo

    stizzo Guest

    I have the u87 and the avolon 737 and sometimes my vocals are not smooth or warm at all. Are there any tips that any one has to help me in any way?
  2. audiowkstation

    audiowkstation Active Member

    Put a blanket over it?

    No seriously, you are going to need to try various mic pres and some eq to warm it up more. I no longer have any U87's so I can't really be of help with what you need.
  3. stizzo

    stizzo Guest

    thank you for your response
  4. Pre Amp

    Pre Amp Guest

    I don't own a Avalon 737, so I don't know that pre as well as some other mic pre's. Maybe try a different mic pre. Just a guess
  5. anonymous

    anonymous Guests

    What are you recording to? The 737 and 87 is a great combination for many applications, especially vocals. Not sure what you are doing. I use the same combination all the time with great results. Are you familiar with the various settings on the unit? Do you understand the settings on the mic itself? I'll do my best to help.
  6. iznogood

    iznogood Guest

    the 737 is not a warm pre.....

    the 87 is not a warm mic....

    do some math :lol:
  7. Pre Amp

    Pre Amp Guest

    I've heard of guys using a GT Vipre with the U87ai. Or even a Sebatron and get great results.
    And as iznogood says, warm is not something I've read about the Avalon 737 either.
    And I got the impression from the Avalon web-site that the M5 was a warmer sounding unit, with a broader sound (as far as the output is concerned).
  8. stizzo

    stizzo Guest

    Does anyone know how a CAD sounds with a 737??
  9. Caisson

    Caisson Guest

    what type of converters are you using? a U87/737 combo, going into an m-audio 2496 would be thinner and less full compared to an RME/apogee/or something else with higher quality converters.
  10. iznogood

    iznogood Guest

    the problem here is not the audiophile imo....

    caisson.... have you heard the 2496?? i actually think it represents great value for money and while i haven't done an A/B test against the rme i used it for a while for recording vinyls and never thought it thinned out my records.....
  11. Trade it in for a C12?
  12. Davedog

    Davedog Distinguished Member

    Now THAT is sublime.

    No onions please.
  13. Reggie

    Reggie Well-Known Member

    Correct. I switch back and forth between a 2496 and an RME Multiface depending on where I am or what I am doing (although the monitoring is different...) and I don't really have any complaints in sound quality. I did record some white noise through the 2496 A/D one time to rule something out, and it didn't do any thinning out as far as I could see from the spectrum analyzer. About as flat as white noise can be.
  14. Caisson

    Caisson Guest

    Ya I used to use a the 2496 before I went to a 828m2k. I quess looking back it could have been my cheesy mixer and settings or my flacky pre-amp.....so Reggie, are saying that the 2496 can run with RME conversion
  15. Reggie

    Reggie Well-Known Member

    I'm just saying it is unlikely to be a limiting factor sound-wise. I haven't done any side-by-side comparisons, but I've never said to myself "Self, things would be sounding a lot better if only I had some better converters than this 2496." I think you would have to have a pretty nice monitoring/room/ears setup to notice anything very wrong with the converters. Of course its real limiting factor for using it for anything too serious is the fact that its inputs and outputs are not many.
  16. atlasproaudio

    atlasproaudio Active Member

    Maybe it's just not the right combination for you. You could try changing the mic or pre, or both. Maybe rent or buy a couple pieces of gear and try something new. Great River NV preamp is warm, the Soundelux ifet7 is smooth and warm, badda bing.
  17. Tatom

    Tatom Guest

    I understand

    I'm in the same boat as you. The Avalon works great for so many things but I just can't seem to get my vocals right on it. I was wondering if anybody knew of a mod that could be preformed or if getting a new preamp is a must. And, If getting a new preamp is the way to go and money is no object, What are some suggestions that are out there?
  18. Graham_Waller

    Graham_Waller Active Member

    U87 and Urei 1176LN for me is a great combo. I use the Avalon 747 for overall drum compression and for that I think its a great stereo compressor with fantastic EQ.
  19. I got a pretty good vocal sound out of a U87ai/API 312 combination. Running that through a Vintech Dual 72 (though my producer says it's a Neve 1272 in a Vintech housing... he'd know better than I would) fattened it up a bit. Though maybe that was just me.

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