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How do I record multiple tracks simultaneously in my recording program?

Discussion in 'Recording' started by JimJamesWOA, Jan 18, 2012.

  1. JimJamesWOA

    JimJamesWOA Active Member

    My deal is that I am starting my own studio and I have been racking my brain for a few months trying to figure this out. I want to record drums into my cubase program. I want to know how to see the tracks show up in the program, like 8 mics at one time seperately so I can mix each drum individually. I don't know if its that I need an interface that will send atleast 8 mic channels to my computer or that I need a good enough program to interpret the signals. I need to figure this out. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  2. JimJamesWOA

    JimJamesWOA Active Member

    Thanks I appreciate the feedback. Awesome.
  3. JimJamesWOA

    JimJamesWOA Active Member

    So can I achieve this by using the Behringer Xenyx x2442usb and Pro tools 10? The Behringer is what I'm worried about.
  4. RemyRAD

    RemyRAD Well-Known Member

    Unfortunately, no. That device only allows for a stereo output to a pair of tracks, via USB. It doesn't offer simultaneous multitrack recording. Sorry about that chief... missed it by that much. Or, so Adam Smart used to proclaim. You'll need something like the Pre-Sonus Fire Studio that allows for 8 simultaneous tracks to be recorded. And your current mixer will allow for an extra pair of tracks to be recorded from multiple microphones. Then you have the ability to record 10 tracks from up to 16 simultaneous input sources. So a further investment of $500 US would be necessary to accomplish that. There are other multitrack audio interfaces also available from other manufacturers. Your Behringer is somewhat patterned after the Mackie/FireWire devices except that the Mackie was designed for multi-track simultaneous recording purposes and your Behringer was only designed for a stereo pair of recording tracks. And too bad they didn't include the ability with USB 2.0 to record multiple tracks simultaneously. The advertising & marketing hype can be very confusing and misleading as you have been misled in understanding what you have purchased. Again, sorry about that chief. But now you know what you need to get. Thankfully, your investment in ProTools 10 was a worthy investment. Unfortunately, it's an investment you can't take full advantage of with your current setup. So you'll need that external multitrack audio input device in order to fully appreciate what ProTools 10 has to offer you.

    ProTools 7 still in operation here.
    Mx. Remy Ann David
  5. toreleir

    toreleir Active Member

    Same problems with my Cubase 5, using Tascam DM 4800 mixer

    Hi, guys! I have been using Cubase 5 for a period of time, but have mostly recorded one track at a time...I am using a Windows 7 64-bits, and have connected a TASCAM DM4800 Digital Mixer thru Firewire connection. I have tried reading a lot about multitrack recording, and when I tried recording vocals, and a guitar simultaneously, I coudlnt make it...Here's my setup:

    I have 24 tracks available inputs on my TASCAM mixer. I put the microphone to channel input nr. 1( On my TASCAM MIXER), and the guitar thru an xlr-cable into channel input nr. 7( TASCAM MIXER). I also have a stereo track, running my laptop with some backing music, which I put on channel input 3-4.
    I went into the VST CONNECTIONS-INPUT and added two mono buses, where I connected the MONO IN with the DEVICE PORT 7( Channel Input 7) to, and the MONO IN 2( Channel Input 1) with the `DEVICE PORT 1. What happened was that when I try to create an Audio Track in a project, for my guitar( AUDIO TRACK 1), there is no metering showing except for that there is signal on the MONO IN 2 Input....:))But, the strange thing happens when I connect the guitar channel ( AUDIO TRACK 1)to the MONO IN 2( ( but my guitar is physically still connected to INPUT nr. 7 on the mixer), then I get like a signal bleed thru the MONO IN2 ...So, my question is, is does the TASCAM MIXER NOT support Multichannel Recording, or is there any other way to fix this??? I included a picture that shows my setup. VST CONNECTIONS.jpg
  6. JohnTodd

    JohnTodd Well-Known Member

    I just can't see anything in that picture...can you make it bigger?
  7. toreleir

    toreleir Active Member

    Sorry....Im trying again...Hmmmm....My original .jpg file was at 1 Mb. Now it's downsized to 11,2 kb.......Don't know how to get the full size....Anyone know ??

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