How do I sing into a mic and have notes appear - software???

Discussion in 'Tracking / Mixing / Editing' started by terence1212, Feb 1, 2008.

  1. terence1212

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    I have a basic home Daw (Saffire LE + Audition) and am leaning to read/write music. I tried a program called Music Masterworks to convert my live voice into notation, but it doesn't like the Saffire (only works with my onboard cheapo soundmax).

    Money's no object here - just want to get the job done but I'm a complete novice and don't even know what key words to google!. E.g. I use audition like a multitrack for live stuff and have no idea about loops etc (not really interested yet). Not even very sure what midi is.


    Thanks in advance,
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  3. hueseph

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    Okay. I downloaded the free trial. Go to the Device/wave input and select Focusrite Saffire LE. That should do it. If it doesn't, I can't help you.

    BTW here's the link to the site:
  4. terence1212

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    Thanks: I tried Melodyne, which I use for pitch correction. Two problems really - First, it only shows the treble clef I'm really a bass singer and it's nice when you are reading bass parts to use the same satndard format.
    Second, I actually want to transcribe some original stuff by singing it and end up with a real document that can print. I can't see how to do that with Melodyne.
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    Thanks heuseph - That's what's so weird. When I go to Device/ Wave input the only option I get is "Default audio Windows device". Even when the saffire is set to the Windows default it doesn't work. I get a windows error "Tuner has encountered a problem and needs to close". What's Tuner?!

    Never had this prob with any other DAWs etc. The Saffire LE always shows up as a souce option...


    Thanks anyway.
  6. hueseph

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    Just buy a pc mic and use that for now. This is just for composition right now anyway right? It's not your main daw. I know it's no help but it's a temp solution anyway.

    Just curious. Are you using Vista?
  7. terence1212

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    Very true - I have one in a box somewhere...may just do that.
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    Wouldn't a midi'ed piano track produce the desired result?

    You say you aren't familiar with MIDI, but it is an invaluable tool and not that difficult to implement for a simple piano in/computer out setup.Assuming, of course, your computer hardware will accommodate this setup.

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