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How much does VOVOX cable cost?

Discussion in 'Accessories / Connections' started by audiokid, Dec 17, 2010.

  1. audiokid

    audiokid Staff

    How much does VOVOX cable cost?

    • Two Male 25-pin D-sub connector to eight female XLR connectors. 16 ft. (5 m) long. TASCAM wiring standard.
    • Two Male 25-pin D-sub connector to eight Male XLR connectors. 16 ft. (5 m) long. TASCAM wiring standard.
    • Two Male 25-pin D-sub connector to eight TRS connectors. 16 ft. (5 m) long. TASCAM wiring standard.
    • Four 5 ft. DB25 to DB25 Analog I/O Cable
    • 16 10 ft. singles TRS to TRS
    • 16 10 ft. singles 1/4 to 1/4

    taxes and shipping are extra.

    Is it worth it?
  2. dvdhawk

    dvdhawk Well-Known Member

    If I may answer your question with a few questions:

    Are you recording projects that are going gold / platinum?

    Are you doing foley for an upcoming Spielberg film?

    If not, do you feel like your current cables are the only thing standing between you and the promised land?

    Are your current cables audibly molesting the electrons and other subatomic particles preventing you from getting work?

    Do you already have two of everything else?

    :your witness:

    Now my .02
    I know this is a recording forum and it's easy to obsess about the details, but you reach a point of diminished returns. Sometimes we get so focused on the process, we miss the point of what we're supposedly doing. I think you'll get a much higher return on investment and overall satisfaction from writing a great song recorded on a wax cylinder, than you will from an average song immaculately engineered by God Himself (or either of the Lord-Alge's).
  3. Big K

    Big K Well-Known Member

    A lot of dough.. but it is an order of 42 cables, too.
    Why would you want 16 TRS and 16 1/4 cables?

    It is basically the same as with cars.... Why get the 300 hp engine when the 140 hp would be enough for Saturday's shopping...
    For some, and that includes me, the quality and sound of that brand is rather convincing. I have fitted one 8-core lane from mic to SMC surround controller with vovox
    and I don't regret the spending, at all. When you employ HiEnd amps, converters and outboard it deserves the best of cables, as well.
    Still a lot of money, even if you deduct the sum you'd have to pay for equivalent cables, anyhow.
    Keep haggling .... and if you have to scratch together the cash for your rent, better forget about it... Your wife can make you a very unhappy man
  4. audiokid

    audiokid Staff

    Exactly, I don't need all the 1/4 and only half the TRS would be perfect. That would take it down to what, $9000.00 or so for a basic OTB VOVOX cable run.

    Time to be blunt with nothing other than an opinion:

    I think I'll stick with Accusound , Mogami or other quality brands before I would be that stupid to invest and promote something so redonkulous as this. I don't think I could honestly support cable this expensive even if it was a giveaway at this point. I would feel like a shill waving a big rock on my finger in a blues bar full of real people. It smells like a bunch of Royal BS at that price. Who is going to buy into this full speed in the DAW generation heading towards no cable.

    If it is this great a product, wonderful and I look forward to others chiming in here over the years to tell us more. Maybe it will drop in price, that would be terrific. But I doubt they could even make it as shinny. Maybe thats the next thing for China. But then it would break.

    No malace intended but has anyone over at the slutz completed a studio with it, like a pro cable this stellar deserves in a high end pro studio? Either I buy into it all the way or pass. $11,000 for cables, starts to look just how dvdhawk put it.
    The G Sluts raving about it doesn't sit right with me now. I've come 180 and wasted my time even considering it and not because I can't afford it, because I think its overkill. So for others, if I was to go that extra step for the immaculate conception, I wouldn't be mixing any poor mans cable with such purity. So $8000 is about close. I can see using this for just your Mastering rig, but not one or two cables so you have what, a $300 or $400 mic cable into a chain that uses poor mans run... Seems really vein and/or really good after bad and really niave.
    All the hype I'm reading about it over at GS looks more and more like the infamous shill gathering. Time will tell and the cream always rises.

  5. BobRogers

    BobRogers Well-Known Member

    The null hypothesis is still what it as been for years: there is no audible difference between these cables and cables that cost 80 percent less. If they can prove there is an audible difference using a test that would be accepted in a peer reviewed AES journal then the conversation about whether these cables are worth the price can START. None of the tests I've seen that claim to show differences would pass peer review. We have scientific proof that confirmation bias exists. We don't have scientific proof that audible differences in cables exist.

    Now I'm going to go eat a breakfast of lark's tongues and plover's eggs.
  6. audiokid

    audiokid Staff

    Quality of Space

    Quality Of Space

    I believe there is a difference in both these very subject topics (analog summing and cable). I find people who choose analog, also lean towards the belief there is a difference in how cable sounds too. I think it is relative.
    With present technology, I personally don't think a computer is able to hear ALL space it records. I think it records only what it has been programmed to record. I don't believe that a computer is able to "hear" everything I hear which includes "human space". I think space is what separates the world between us all. Space is the magic between you and me. I tend to believe this is a big factor in real vs digital and I also think this is where DVZ is heading.
    Yes, there is a point where it doesn't matter and this of course is in the eyes of the beholder and how much is it worth to me, to get that much closer.

    That being said... I do believe I hear a difference between the Accusound and the Mogami cable I have here. The Accusound cable sounds better so I'm guessing, and EXPECTING there is a significant difference between VOVOX.
    I have been interested in VOVOX for 3 years now. I expect VOVOX to sound extremely better at that price or why would I buy into to and/or support it here!
    The next question... is this outrageous price per ft worth it to the believers?


    The NA distributor emailed me once he saw this thread. I think he see's it as a threat or a snub, not sure but I don't think he's on the same page as I am. So be it. I am posting this thread because I want VOVOX but ... this price? I'm also concerned that its being shilled over at GS so I'm wondering what is BS or real. We might as well get down to business and do what we always do here, sift through BS, push out any shills and BS.

    The NA distributor told me the cost for my order was $11,000.
    Is this for real? If it costs this much then, it better be worth it, yes?

    Lets find out how much this cable costs in Europe and then we can get back to business discussing whether or not it is worth that much money to the believers and welcome others here who have similar interests in this product.

    because I am dead serious about how my next hybrid studio will sound.

    Rainer, could you please find out if there is a price discrepancy for the exact amount of cable I posted here? I was quoted $11,000 for this.

  7. Big K

    Big K Well-Known Member

    Chris, do you own any Vovox that you can test thoroughly before thinking to buy?
    It is like mastering....the last 2 % can cost a lot...

    I didn't buy them in one go..It took me several Xmasses to complete a third of my essencial cabeling with it.
    That is enough for me. The rest is conventionally wired with good standart brands.

    I have requested an offer from my fav shop for the lot.
    As soon as I get the quotation I'll send it to you via PM.
  8. audiokid

    audiokid Staff

    No, and there isn't anyone in a 1000 Km that would have it either. I doubt anyone will carry this stuff on hand around this neck of the woods. I'm guessing it is all Just-In-Time inventory. Drop shipping or special order for this stuff.
    I have a feeling its not this expensive. Thanks for your help Rainer.

    And then there is this stuff:

  9. steinmanisk

    steinmanisk Active Member

    I have a Vovox guitar cable, and have used it for about half a year now. In my experience I can say that there is absolutely no audible difference between this and the cables that cost a few times less. I play Gibson guitars and high end Mesa and Marshall amps, so the components are good. Well, maybe it has less handling noise, but nothing special.

    The noticable difference though is in the construction of the cable - it NEVER gets tangled up, it's very rugged and it looks cool. But, sadly, that's about it.

    I would strongly recommend trying one out and making your own decision about this kind of purchase.
  10. Big K

    Big K Well-Known Member

    It might well be that you hear not too much of a difference when running it into an amp. But, use it for direct recording into the console or Pre-amp and you should hear a difference more clearly.
    At least I do ( also on an amp..) but then, I have said too much about it already...and I still haven't gotten this endorcement contract with Vovox, yet..lol..

    Mind you, you have to plug it in the right way round as labeled. Otherwise it sound less charming.

    Chris, .. don't you have any online shops with 30 days return no-question-asked and free shipment above 20 $?
    I use that possibility a few times a year when I want to test a device.
  11. audiokid

    audiokid Staff

    I'll most likely pass on VOVOX as I wouldn't pay that much for cable this century. Well, the new AudioQuest line has more colours and fancy gold ends but it reads even more money :confused: We'll have to watch out for that line!

    But... many starving people and as much as I want stellar for the hybrid... , they'd have to give it to me at that cost. I would also have to believe it was actually worth that much to promote it here so it looks like a stalemate. We'll just have to wonder. Thank goodness I don't have GAS.
    The Pro Shop had VOVOX listed here but I never recieved one call in two years. I wished I would have had the opportunity to test some... impressive reviews. But I never trust reviews. But I do trust RO and my ears and you too Rainer so I'm thinking these sound stellar.
    Maybe HQ is listening , this thread is all over the web and I think we need some special treatment for all the press by now Big K! :tongue: But then if they gave me some, and I don't approve its value... what do you say then? Live and learn. Its better to know you really need something , fully believe in it before you make any deal. Nothing worse than feeling like a shill and being forced to be one too. Thats what it feels like to be a slut I think who is suffering from GAS. Sound like this is a growing concern.

    Just too expensive.
  12. TheJackAttack

    TheJackAttack Distinguished Member

    I would still love to see a comparison null test between Canare L-4E6S and the VoVox and Accusound for that matter. I just don't know how we would set it up. No one liked my 1 to 3 splitter idea. I figured if both test cables were coming off of the transformer portion they would be on equal footing.
  13. Big K

    Big K Well-Known Member

    The general idea is good, but during my time at the development section at the Nato HQ in the NL we meassured in and multiple outputs of transformers down to test equipment calibration level. And it proved that it is not the same.
    In fact, it was so different that we constructed a balancing devices for some of the test equipment. Now, for mere low frequency applications this can be neglected to the best part. Yet, it is not the same signal.
    Completely ok for any recording situation, but not really for an exact mesurement and comparison down to some 10th of a dB.

    Since Chris can't make up his mind what to do for weeks, now, I would rather want to drop the topic alltogether. For what?
    Why not simply start with a single mic cable for 1oo bucks and then decide if spending 11 grand is ok or not.
    It would not be ok for me... but it is worth spending a few hundred more than for other standart cables.
    I may be a biased, brain washed, misled audio dude, but still I'm also a happy user of some meter of snake oils ... that sound better.
    Would you know, that even the exact length of cables between devices is of importance?
  14. audiokid

    audiokid Staff

    PSW Recording Forums: Klaus Heyne's Mic Lab => Brauner Phantom A.E. Mic + VoVox Cable reading between the lines on this tells me the same thing I'm reading over at the slutz. Here, we don't have to apologize for being truthful. I'm also able to voice my opinion without the fear of loosing traffic or a deal or stating that I am always learning and am able to say so. But, I personally would only use it for interconnect.
  15. audiokid

    audiokid Staff

    But what if we are all wrong? :redface::confused::cool::tongue:

  16. TheJackAttack

    TheJackAttack Distinguished Member

    You know, Remy has talked about the ground vs shielding thing in cabling before. Not in as much detail as the guy at KH's forum. We should either rape and pillage that post or get Remy to make a coherent post regarding balanced/floating ground cables. I think there is a white paper at Rane maybe....
    Sound System Interconnection

    This only briefly touches on mic/line cables but it's what I have to link to.
  17. audiokid

    audiokid Staff

    I too wish we could do some sort of test but I think it will never happen.

    After my opening statement and then following the normal responses like I would never pay this much for cable and I don't believe it etc, I still read more and more positive. Could we all be wrong?

    Here are two more reference threads on VOVOX:
    VOVOX ... amazing. - My Les Paul Forums
  18. Well There are to Much hype on really expensive cables!!! I look at it as you need cables to do a great job!! As in transparent sound color. And durability. Most cables that are that much money you can not tell the difference between them and average cables. I think its all hype!! And I would rather spend the money on Pre's or Mic's. Just my thoughts.
    Love all the cables talk!!!
  19. RemyRAD

    RemyRAD Guest

    This is certainly an intriguing discussion on cables, how they sound in different applications. There is a difference. We all know that the best speaker cable would be welders electrical cables. And many brute force sound systems utilize very large gauge speaker cables to allow all the amps to flow more freely developing a more efficient use of Watts. But in microphone cabling & wine level cabling, it's not hard for things to get out of control. I have to admit, I have utilized a lot of MOGAMI microphone cabling & snakes. But I had a bad experience with one of their fully wrapped copper shield microphone cable. The cable itself was incredibly microphonic in that, you could hear people walking on top of the cables, electrically speaking! This was not like the quad core, dual shielded types. But it still appeared to be a quality copper microphone cable that caused me great noise problems. I found that Belden 8451 made for better microphone cable than that nice rubber jacketed MOGAMI mistake I made years ago. So no question about utilizing those quad core/dual shielded microphone cabling. Line level stuff? In those situations, I don't think you'll find much difference between Belden 8451 & anybody else's cabling up to 500 feet when dealing with line levels that are of course balanced. And hey! When you want the best and can't afford to purchase it outright? You build it. How the heck do you think recording studios used to be built? Radio, TV stations? Every connector was hand wired and there were millions of them soldered by hundreds of engineers throughout the golden age of broadcasting & recordings, at a single location. And NBC, we were a factory pumping out shows, every day, all day & night. And the other engineering crew was wiring up & pumping out new control rooms every day, all night & day. It's amazing the money you can save and the things you can learn, doing it all by yourself. I have rewired my remote truck more than 3 times over in 20 years. We're talking about a complete redesign/rewire each time along with hundreds of XLR & ELCO/Amphenol & other multi-pin connectors as well. But the wiring can drive you crazy. It has driven me crazy. I am crazy. My brain is overloaded with crosspoint latches. All wires look the same to me now. There is no beginning, there is no end.

    If I had anything positive to add, I'd say go for the affordable cables and utilize as many gold plated connectors as you can afford. I think happy audio up audio cabling is more affected by connectivity than the wire in itself sounds. Chrome & nickel doesn't conduct as well as gold or silver. Unfortunately Silver oxidizes and tarnishes which cuts down on connectivity and increases noise susceptibility. It's like Monster cable. Certainly good in certain types of applications. Total overkill for others. Is there a difference in sound between a 20 foot cable and a 2000 foot cable of the same type? Of course. There has to be. Doesn't matter what type. Everything we've learned about impedance, conductance comes into play with any lengths of cable. And in some way or another, that all effects the way will perceive wire to sound. So the question is largely moot. You want to utilize quality shielded cable for virtually anything that we do. If some can't afford the additional pair of helical wound " quad core" style cables, go with as much copper as you can find. Belden 8451 has also been successfully utilized as microphone cable and it only utilizes a foil shield with a drain wire made of steel. In fact a lot of consoles were built utilizing that inside and a lot of radio stations & performance theaters utilize that same cable lying within walls and strewn throughout buildings without any problems or noise. You just have to ask yourself, punk, if you're feeling lucky today? I sure as heck wouldn't spend that much on cable. Maybe some of it? And no cable replaces good mixing technique. We all know it's the technique.

    My mixes still sound like they are from the 1970s. I wonder why? I'm not recording on analog. Maybe it's just the beer & technique I use? I forgot, I stopped drinking beer last year.
    Mx. Remy Ann David

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