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How Pissed Off Should I Be?

Discussion in 'Recording' started by Todzilla, May 16, 2007.

  1. Todzilla

    Todzilla Active Member

    Situation: Producer and Band need a place to rehearse material for upcoming CD project. Friend of a Friend recommends my place. Guys seem cool, the producer is a peer bandmate from way back. I let them know the ground rules, including a "No Smoking" policy. After their first day, the place reeks of ciggy butts. With all my insulation based acoustic treatments, the scent is gonna be around for a loooong time.

    I'm pretty steamed about it, although I suspect the claim will be they didn't smoke in the studio, it musta wafted in from outside. But the place still stinks like an ashtray after running the AC on outside air exchange mode all night. I've had plenty of guys smoke outside my studio before and come back in to play, never to have a lingering nauseating smell like this.

    Confrontation is coming. Your thoughts?...
  2. donthaveone

    donthaveone Guest

    I would tell them to find a new place to practice and be done with it. I even hate the way my equipment smells after giging in bars, my car smells like smoke the next day from transporting the gear home.
  3. MadTiger3000

    MadTiger3000 Active Member

    They disrespected you.

    Do something about it.
  4. Link555

    Link555 Well-Known Member

    wow thats really annoying. Let them know for sure, and charge them a clean up bill.
  5. llatht

    llatht Active Member

    They can't be trusted to do a simple thing like smoke outside. What else can't they be trusted with?
  6. David French

    David French Well-Known Member

    There are some great air purifier units out there than can probably remove the smell in a day. Hotels use them all the time. I would look into renting one and charging the band for it.
  7. EricIndecisive

    EricIndecisive Active Member

    you lay down ground rules and they dont obey the simplest of them. id say dont let them come back. you could also cockslap those suckas
  8. JoeH

    JoeH Well-Known Member

    kick 'em to the curb and don't look back.

    They screwed you once; do you want another screwing if they return?
  9. BobRogers

    BobRogers Well-Known Member

    Don't be pissed, be done. Your place smells; They're out. Doesn't matter if they smoke outside or in. Good bye.
  10. MrEase

    MrEase Active Member

    If you break the rules you break the agreement.

    I admit I'm a smoker but I won't smoke in non-smokers environments - even if they say it's OK.

    It's just a principle of respect and smoking gives you no rights to disrespect anyone - or their rules.
  11. multoc

    multoc Active Member

    I've found that you can't be "Mr. Niceguy" you have to be firm about rules, no matter how miniscule or big they may be, or else you'll get walked all over. Just let them know, either in writing or by phone, they're not welcome back to your facility.
  12. TVPostSound

    TVPostSound Guest

  13. Todzilla

    Todzilla Active Member

    The Denoument: The dudes said (and as you read on, it'll ring true) that they were very careful not to smoke in the studio. Further, they wanted to not leave butts lying outside, esp. since there's a sandbox right near the studio with kids toys etc... So, they brought the snuffed butts (the Bugler nasty hand-rolled things) INTO the studio and put 'em in the trash can (They're musicians, not rocket surgeons).

    Realizing their goof, they emptied the trash can today, aired the studio out, moved the trashcan outside and smoked next door. Everything seems fine and non-stinky now.

    Lesson learned though...
  14. sheet

    sheet Well-Known Member

    Did you have them sign a contract? You could have had them pay for a cleaning/air purification system.
  15. Todzilla

    Todzilla Active Member

    Nah, this was a mellow friend of a friend thing.

    I'm not in it for money anyhow.

    I've learned my lesson, though...
  16. Halifaxsoundguy

    Halifaxsoundguy Active Member

    Break into their house and smoke a big fat Cigar.
  17. Randyman...

    Randyman... Well-Known Member

    I'm thinking it sholuld be a "special" Blunt, but whatever works ;)
  18. reginald

    reginald Guest

    My studio smell like a pub every day. Ur lucky us who record hip hop gets all sort of crazy things in the studio until ive become part of it. people fighting, smoking weed, drinking like hell(more than a pub) ijust like it! heheheheh
  19. Halifaxsoundguy

    Halifaxsoundguy Active Member

    they might not mind that, cig-rit smokers usually dislike cigars ask my neighbours :D

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