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How should I record with the gear that I have.

Discussion in 'Recording' started by j0eh4x, Aug 22, 2010.

  1. j0eh4x

    j0eh4x Guest

    For years i've been ghetto rigging ways to record. I want to know what the proper way to record is. Here is how I plan on setting up my gear once i have drum mics.

    I have a Behringer PMP 3000 Europower mixer, A mobilePre-USB interface. And a crap ton of audix om2 mics and a Shure SM58.

    I was thinking i could mic everything. all guitar amps, bass amps and drums. Mix it all on the mixer, then use the stereo out on the mixer to go into 2 channels on my mobilePre Usb. My question is will this work well? and if it will what would be the next step? I would love to be able to edit my tracks individually but i realize with my current setup that wont be possible.

    Lastly my mixer contains Insert I/O on ever channel... wat is this for?
  2. hueseph

    hueseph Well-Known Member

    Once it's in your computer, that's pretty well it. You've mixed it down to the two channels at that point so make sure you do a really good job on the live mix. This is your final mix.

    The inserts are for you to use external processing. Generally you use gates or compression in the inserts. These are pre fader, post preamp. You don't want to be using delay or modulation effects there. Use auxiliary buses for those.
  3. j0eh4x

    j0eh4x Guest

    some things i donnt understand about your reply, are i understand compression and gates, but what type of hardware or equip would i plug in or use to set those as a gate or compression, also want is an auxiliary bus? I will be googling these of course but any incite you can give me would be great, and thank you for such a good reply
  4. hueseph

    hueseph Well-Known Member

    Grammar nazi says: "learn to punctuate". Incite means to start something. Like a fight. Insight is clear or deep perception of a situation.

    In order to use a compressor with inserts you need an insert cable. This has a single Tip/Ring/Sleeve phono jack on one end and two Tip/Sleeve jacks on the other end. The T/S ends are input and output. You connect these to the corresponding input and output on the compressor. Input to output and output to input.

    An Auxiliary bus is internal routing which sends signal to an external hardware via and "aux"(send and return) connection on the back of the mixer. This is a parallel connection and you can add as much of the effected signal to your direct signal as you wish. This is adjustable via the aux return knob or however it is labeled on your mixer. I swear this should be in your manual.

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